Changtu carried out psychological group training in a large live interactive class under the background of “double minus”

This winter holiday is the first winter holiday after the “double reduction”, how to consolidate the “double reduction” results, let the children spend a full and happy holiday is the most concerned about the problem.On the afternoon of January 29th, the education Working Committee of Changtu County Committee, the education Bureau of Changtu County, the teachers’ further education School of Changtu County and the Media center of Changtu County jointly held a large-scale live interactive psychological group training activity under the background of “double reduction” in the open hall on the second floor of experimental Middle School Education Group.County party committee standing committee, propaganda minister, county education committee secretary Liu Xiaochun, deputy county magistrate Guan Ling attended the event.This activity is not only an open classroom for 15 pairs of students and parents, but also an online classroom for more than 100,000 students and parents in the county.Primary and secondary school students and parents throughout the county participated in the network class activity, the audience rating reached 67,400 times.The first part of the network classroom for network link of big classroom, including “interaction”, “to look up the number”, “children (mom/dad), I will praise you”, “love story”, “children (mother/father) I love you”, “grateful heart”, etc., the second part of the answer for gestures parents interaction between teachers and students,Focus on solving the doubts and confusion of off-site parents’ education of children.Through the psychological group training network classroom activities, help students and parents to carry out psychological counseling and parent-child education in winter vacation, so that every tucheng students psychological health, family harmony, winter vacation more pleasant.Activities through the form of a small game into the field of family education, listening to the voices of parents and children in different families.At the same time, it also enables parents to realize their own problems in parent-child communication and master the concept and method of parent-child communication.Big hand holding small hand, master the communication skills with children, scientific and effective guidance to children, constantly enhance parent-child relationship, effectively promote students to spend a meaningful holiday, to create a happy and harmonious family life.The implementation of “double reduction” policy is beneficial to the country and the people, and mental health education should escort the healthy growth of students.Through communication and interactive practice, children can feel the beauty of life and the warmth of family during holidays, and learn and grow up in a positive and healthy physical and mental state.Regardless of holiday or semester, the important role of family education is increasingly prominent.Parents also please take the “baton”, to the children to reduce the burden, to let the “double reduction” effect.(Reporter Zhao Zengyu, editor Xiang Xue, Huashang Daily)

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