Chen Ronglian out, an Yixuan in tears, once again the dream of the big house

Some time ago, after Chen Ronglian was arrested, An Yixuan was so sad that he could not sleep well and suffered from stomach trouble again.The dream of a rich family was shattered again, after all, what a happy thing it was to marry a rich man, but now this was the end.An Yixuan once liked the rich second generation Wang Xiaofei, originally wanted to develop with him, and was later taken love by the big S horizontal knife.This is the first time an Yixuan dream burst, now his husband had an accident, involved in the case of washing rice hua underground money laundering, now involved in very serious things, let Chen Ronglian at least to sit in prison for more than 20 years, this really can only let An Yixuan in tears.So how did An Yixuan and Chen Ronglian know each other?At that time An Yixuan in Hengdian shooting, and Chen Ronglian he came to Hengdian for the first time, did not let her know, the purpose is to give her a perfect birthday, let her happy.This shows that she is really very important in the heart of Chen Ronglian.As early as 2014, When An Yixuan held a fashion week in France, Chen Ronglian personally rushed to France and gave her a very perfect surprise in the Michelin restaurant.Chen Ronglian gave his all and finally captured this beautiful heart.They were licensed on March 15, 2017, and married in Hawaii on June 5.So what is Chen Ronglian’s origin?He is belong to jinjiang yonghe town Maoting village people, at the beginning of the primary school did not graduate him, came to Macao development, began to be a horse, in help many big shot errand do this do that, later because of the smell of gambling industry business opportunities, established their own company called Dejin Group.And then because rich after not satisfied with gambling, investment in real estate, storage industry and so on, involving a wide range.After marrying An Yixuan, Chen Ronglian also did a lot of good things.When the epidemic first hit Wuhan, Chen ronglian donated NT $20 million and 100,000 face masks.Later, henan also had a disaster, he also donated 1.5 million, it can be said that Chen Ronglian is also a big boss love to do good.But now after being wanted, it can be said that An Yixuan also do not know what to do, can only wait for her husband to return at home.After all, they are now the parents of two adorable babies together, and after this incident, the future is likely to be dark.Although Chen Ronglian belongs to the second marriage, but also after the divorce to his ex-wife and children divided tens of billions, although it is so, but it does not affect his deep love for An Yixuan.What do you think about that?Leave a comment in the comments section.

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