Farmers in this town of Liangzhou District have a “green bank” to increase their income

Hongxiang Town of Liangzhou District adheres to the principle of “planning in winter and working in winter”, takes industrial revitalization as the starting point, adjusts and optimizes the agricultural industrial structure according to local conditions, cultivates the industry of enriching the people and increasing their income, and is committed to making modern agriculture stronger, bigger and better, so as to make it a “green bank” for farmers to increase their income and get rich.In the steel-frame arch solar greenhouse demonstration Industrial Park located in Group 4 and 5, Chenchun Village, Hongxiang Town, Liangzhou District, more than 50 steel-frame arch greenhouses, which have begun to take shape, are particularly imposing under the warm sun in winter.Busy villagers are filled with bright smiles, the completion of the industrial park can not only increase the collective economic income of the village, but also they can build sheds in the industrial park, independent management, their happy days have a look forward to.Wu Xingming, Secretary of full-time Hua Village Party Branch, Chenchun Village, Hongxiang Town, Liangzhou District: The construction of the industrial park gives full play to the role of the village Party branch as a fighting fortress and the vanguard and exemplary role of party members. The two village committees actively explore the new industrial development model of ‘village collective economic share cooperative + Communist Party members + large planting households + peasant households’.Through demonstration and guidance, we will strive to develop the facility vegetable industry into a “green bank” for the whole village to increase people’s income and become rich, and a “family factory” for industrial revitalization.Chen Chun village through land transfer to develop solar greenhouse industry is liangzhou Hongxiang town this year to develop modern agriculture in miniature.On the other side of hongxiang Town, xinquan village, all steel arch greenhouse demonstration industrial park is also in full swing construction.Unlike ChenChun Village solar greenhouse demonstration industrial park, the new spring in the village of all steel arch greenhouse demonstration industrial park is led by a large building, according to the scale cultivation, the standardized production, brand marketing and industrialization development goals, gradually improve the “company + cooperative + farmers + market” mechanism of driving around the masses’ income to become rich.Ma Jianjun, Party branch secretary and village committee director of Xinquan Village, Hongxiang Town, Liangzhou District: After the demonstration park is put into operation, it can absorb more than 160 nearby farmers for work.Through the demonstration of “company + cooperative”, we will find a way to broaden the channels for increasing people’s income and achieve the goal of “supporting a large-scale cooperative and expanding a new industry”.Rural revitalization and industrial prosperity will be the priority.HongXiang town to strengthen the modern agriculture, the cultivation to build industry base as a consolidated development of poverty crucial achievements effective connection with country revitalization of powerful gripper, vigorously adjust the industrial structure, developing characteristic industrial, continue to strengthen traditional industry, strengthen the village-level collective economy sustainable development, and vigorously promote the prosperous common people project, effectively promote agricultural efficiency and farmers’ income.Fan Zhijun, Party Secretary of Hongxiang Town, Liangzhou District:HongXiang town in 2022 to seriously implement the district party committee to build “10 + N” characteristic industry layout, adhere to the “winter winter dry”, at the same time of ensuring food security, the key development is given priority to with “HongXiang garlic” characteristic industry, creat the new spring, ChenChun Village full steel arch greenhouse vegetable planting base, village day spring outdoor vegetable planting base of one thousand mu,Orchard, Chenjiagou, Chenchun village million acres of corn seed production base, started the “Hexi seed town” “Liangzhou Garlic township” “Hongxiang pigeon building” brand advantage, to promote the revitalization of the industry to promote rural revitalization.Liangzhou District Rong Media Center reporter Wang Jing Ma Yan source: Wuwei News media Group

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