Lakers get veteran point guard!Walker and Thibodeau completely break, the Knicks large probability option buyout

Editor: The New York Knicks are hoping to make a major trade before the Feb. 10 trade deadline, and according to the latest rumors, Kemba Walker is the most likely candidate to be traded.As The New York Post’s Mark Berman reported, the Knicks had their “entire roster” ready to change in the midst of a terrible season.Now that the Knicks have virtually lost their chance of making the playoffs, the team plans to rebuild its roster.Walker’s status in New York has been a major topic of concern since he was dropped earlier in the season by coach Tom Thibodeau.But because of the Knicks’ injuries and health and safety protocols, he was forced to return to the court.Now, according to sources, Thibodeau wasn’t thrilled when the Knicks signed Walker.The Washington Post previously reported that Thibodeau wasn’t fully invested in the Reish deal either.Thibodeau admitted in Denver that he will not be involved in any knicks decisions until the trade is completed.It remains to be seen whether the Knicks will actually find a replacement for Kemba Walker, but it could be tricky.If they can’t trade Walker, the Knicks will cut the veteran.There’s no question walker is in demand on the free agent market, with the Lakers, Nets and others needing an experienced point guard.

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