Mangshi Airport will be expanded soon

In order to implement the strategic deployment of being a transport power and a civil aviation power in the new era, promote the high-quality development of Yunnan civil aviation, and continuously promote the construction of a strong province of civil aviation, the Department of Transport of Yunnan Province recently issued the “14th Five-year” Development Plan for Civil Aviation of Yunnan Province (hereinafter referred to as the Plan), the period of the Plan is 2021-2025.According to the list of civil transport airport construction projects published by the “Planning” during the “14th five-year plan” Yunnan plans to build 5 new, the reconstruction and expansion of 14 civil transport airports, including the reconstruction and expansion of the airport list in Mangshi airport selected ▲ Zhang RentaoDuring the period of “planning” clear “difference” in yunnan province will accelerate overall transport airport construction and layout to vigorously promote the province’s international aviation hub airport developing quality continue to enhance the capacity of air traffic security steadily promote airport industry development together to see what “planning” is the important content in luxi city airport transport airport construction and faster overall layout around “rise, opening-up in yunnan, yunnanDevelopment of northeast China, western yunnan “integration of the spatial layout thinking, combined with the implementation of the new type of urbanization development in yunnan province and yunnan in urban construction, promoting the construction of airport transportation layout, focus on construction of kunming international aviation hub as the core, lijiang, xishuangbanna, lum as regional hub, supplement with other regional airport transport airport system in the province.To improve the support capacity of existing regional airports, according to the four comprehensive requirements of “extending the runway to comprehensively improve the handling capacity, increasing the number of slots to comprehensively improve the operation efficiency, transforming the terminal to comprehensively improve the image, and adding corridors and Bridges to comprehensively improve the service quality”,Accelerate the implementation of infrastructure upgrading and renovation of existing feeder airports in Lijiang, Xishuangbanna, Mangshi, Dali, Tengcheong, Baoshan, Pu ‘er, Diqing, Lincang, Lancang, Cangyuan, Ninglang and Wenshan.We will support regional airports in adding and improving general aviation facilities in the process of new construction or renovation and expansion, and give due consideration to general aviation services and support.To promote coordinated development of regional airport to support the implementation of “bao teng mans” clearing security integration, actively promote the establishment of western yunnan airport group (baoshan, tengchong, lum airport) approach control area, improve the efficiency of the airport coordination safeguard, continue to strengthen the empty tin, drug transport product design and service guarantee, new mode innovation synergy development experience.Further promote the coordinated operation of “Air rail Link” and “Air Bus Link” among airport groups in west Yunnan, northwest Yunnan and south Yunnan, and expand the collaborative development innovation practice of regional airport groups.We will accelerate the development of lijiang, Xishuangbanna, Mangshi and other airports as regional sub-hub functions, and arrange regional flights within Kunming Airport in an orderly manner.Promote the reasonable positioning and characteristic development of regional airports, and improve the overall utilization efficiency of regional airport resources.Bring rich trace perturbation expansion optimization route network layout perfect fly ring network in the province according to the routes between tourist hot spots in the province city network, public transport demand, based on the perfect of the route network and meet the demand of air transport market, combined with the provincial city (town) group construction, tourism resources development, especially the development of red tourism resources, as well as the golden tourist line,We will step up efforts to open more air routes around the province, and promote integrated and innovative development of aviation and tourism.Propulsion in the province of northwest yunnan, western yunnan, quasi-strike-slip mainshock-aftershock, introduced four aviation market and in xishuangbanna, lijiang, lum 3 ring to fly in the province center coordination development, build a reasonable structure, efficient operation in the province of ring network, realize the smooth connection between major tourist cities, efficient service big western yunnan tourism circle construction in yunnan province.Source: Dehong Published the wechat official account of “Yunnan Provincial People’s Government Network” of Yunnan Provincial Department of Transport Compiled by: Yang Shanduo Reviewed by: Xu Qingyun Zhang Chongxi Legal Advisor: Chen Ping and Hu Jiang of Yunnan Taiheng Law Firm

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