What will the deputies to the people’s Congress do this year?

On February 23, the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress held the 2022 municipal people’s Congress work and the first regular working meeting of the urban people’s Congress system.The meeting focused on the theme of “Welcoming the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and bringing ten thousand deputies to ten thousand homes”, making comprehensive arrangements for the work of deputies to this year’s municipal people’s Congress, and held discussions and exchanges on how to promote the work of the people’s Congress in the new era with high quality.The meeting analyzed and judged the development situation of The city, reviewed and summarized the work of the Municipal people’s Congress in 2021, and planned and arranged key work such as legislation, supervision and representative activities in 2022.On February 10, Li Yangyang (left), a deputy of The Municipal people’s Congress, visited a resident’s home in Youlong community, Jinlong Town, Karamay High-tech Zone, Baijiantan District.At the meeting, the city’s four district people’s Congress on the “promotion of representative work” “family station” standardized construction, “ten thousand representatives into ten thousand” theme practice activities, “I do practical things for the masses” and other work to exchange experience speech.At present, deputies to people’s congresses at all levels in all districts have been encouraged to gather at liaison stations to engage with the people, listen to the voices of the people, respond to their concerns, and serve the people.Meeting requirements, better training, heavy service, promoting have representative work, a good step, to “celebrate the big, 10, 20 party into” theme practical activities for the gripper, further enhance the political stance, carefully combed summing up experience, continuous long-term normal push “celebrate the big, 10, 20 party into” theme activities,At the same time, efforts should be made to summarize and publicize deputies’ work experience.People’s congresses at all levels should focus on their distinctive features, create their own brands, and take the lead in developing liaison stations for DEPUTIES. They should explore ways to build brand and model liaison stations for DEPUTIES that are bright and popular with the people. They should give full play to their role as platforms to better ensure deputies perform their duties in accordance with the law and maintain close ties with the people.People’s congresses at all levels should ensure that they respond to the needs of the people and ensure that the system of voting for deputies takes root.Oversight groups should be set up to comprehensively understand the progress of projects to improve people’s livelihood through inspections, special studies, reports and visits to the people.The working offices of the standing committees of district people’s congresses and the presidium of people’s congresses of towns and townships should organize deputies to have extensive contact with the people, gain an in-depth understanding of people’s livelihood demands, and actively put forward opinions and suggestions on how to improve people’s livelihood.The meeting stressed that the work of people’s congresses should strengthen coordination between the upper and lower levels, and that people’s congresses at the municipal level should strengthen guidance for the work of people’s congresses at the district level, and promptly summarize, publicize and promote the good practices, experiences and models of people’s congresses.Should combine the actual, legislation, supervision, on behalf of the work and so on, to further establish and improve the responsibility system, the elaboration and decomposition work target responsibility, and implement the specific responsibility unit and responsibility, to ensure the achievement and the effect, efforts to strengthen and improve the work of the NPC new era, to greet the 20 big victory party congress with honors.Source: Karamay Daily all media reporter Guo Yang correspondent Yin Li Photo source: correspondent Dong Li

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