Beijing Dongcheng: It will speed up the transshipment and do a good job in tracing the source of flow adjustment

At the 292nd press conference on COVID-19 prevention and control in Beijing on March 16, Liu Juncai, deputy head of Dongcheng District, said that the district will continue to do a good job in the transfer work, speed up the transfer, simplify the procedures, strengthen the connection, arrange special personnel to do the transfer docking, to ensure the timely, efficient and smooth transfer work.At the same time, speed up the flow investigation.We should further allocate strong flow control force, speed up the tracing of flow control source, and accurately delimit the scope of investigation.In addition, we will ensure medical treatment for residents in locked-down communities.Temporary medical centers were set up in the community and medical personnel were stationed to meet the medical needs of residents in the containment community in a timely manner.Establish a green channel for hospital treatment, coordinate with medical institutions, and transfer patients to hospitals for treatment in a closed loop.Copyright notice: The text belongs to The Beijing News Group. All rights reserved.

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