Genting Ski Park: Winter Olympics Venue revealed!Birthplace of China’s first gold in snow sports!

In 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the moguls will be held in Yanqing and Zhangjiakou, and Chinese moguls athletes will strive to create the best results in the history of China’s moguls at home.Genting Ski Park, one of the venues for the Beijing Winter Olympics, is expected to witness this glorious moment.According to the schedule, genting Ski Park will produce a total of 20 gold MEDALS, the largest number of gold MEDALS in the Beijing Winter Olympics.The venue, which will host snowboarding and freestyle skiing events at the Beijing Winter Olympics, has six courses including aerialisms, halfpipe, slopestyle, moguls, slalom and parallel giant slalom.The first gold medal of the Chinese Winter Olympic Team in moguls may be won here.Xu Mengtao and Qi Guangpu of freestyle skiing aerials, Gu Ailing of snowboard halfpipe and big jump will all appear in the competition area of Genting Ski Park.Genting Ski Park is located in The Yunding Paradise, Miyuan, Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City. It is a specially built venue for the freestyle skiing and snowboarding events of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic And Paralympic Games.It is also worth mentioning that it is the only venue among the seven moguls competing in this Winter Olympics that has been upgraded from an existing ski resort.According to relevant officials, among all the courses in genting Ski Park, four courses were renovated on the basis of the original ski courses.Due to the high requirements for the layout of the snowsports course, genting Ski Park temporarily built a total area of 30,000 square meters during the Beijing Winter Olympics.In addition to the athletes competition, training area, the competition area also has staff rest room, garbage storage, toilet and other areas.In line with and in response to the concept of a lean, green and environmentally friendly Winter Olympics, the temporary buildings in Genting Ski Park are made of recyclable materials that can be recycled through secondary production.Since they are rented, the temporary buildings can be returned to the relevant suppliers after the Games for efficient use.The reconstruction on the basis of the original track also saves a lot of manpower and material resources consumption.At the end of October 2021, the organizing committee of the Winter Olympics has started snowmaking work on the track. In order to ensure a stable amount of snow on the track, hundreds of snowmaking equipment have been put into use.At the same time, high-tech vehicles are sculpting the halfpipe, slopestyle and other courses to bring them up to Olympic standards.Considering that the wind speed will interfere with the athletes’ competition, the genting Ski Park has also set up a windbreak wall to ensure the normal operation of the competition process and the athletes’ performance.Genting ski Park will be especially popular with Chinese spectators during the Beijing Winter Olympics, as it will be the venue for the country’s freestyle ski team’s bid for Olympic gold.China is a strong contender in aerials, halfpipe, slopestyle, platform and mixed team aerials.In the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics, Han Xiaopeng helped The Chinese team achieve the breakthrough of “zero gold medal” in moguls.Xu mengtao won the silver medal in women’s freestyle aerials at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.This Winter Olympics, Xu Mengtao’s goal is to stand on the top podium.In addition, Gu Ailing, who is expected to make a breakthrough in women’s halfpipe, ramp obstacle and platform events, will also try her best to make a breakthrough in women’s halfpipe, ramp obstacle and platform events.After the Beijing Winter Olympics, genting Ski Park will be preserved permanently as a legacy of the Games.A professional track in the stadium will provide training and competition venues for athletes.At the same time, Genting Ski Park will also become a leisure area for amateur skiing and tourism holidays, and open to the outside world, and gradually develop into a professional base for international competitions and the promotion of social ice and snow sports.(Luo Manager)

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