27 years old to be discovered!In the past, Gao Hongbo pointed genius or play in the super, in a delay for several years!

I believe many fans know that now Chinese football has fallen to the bottom.Our Chinese men’s football team lost 3-1 to Vietnam on the first night of New Year’s Day, the first time in its history.The result was humiliating, but the process left many fans desperate.Because The National football team did not take advantage of any advantage in the whole process of the match, we can obviously see that the Vietnamese team in the understanding of football, the implementation of tactics and techniques, team cooperation ability are far superior to us.That is to say, although we have an advantage in physical play and height, everything else is short.That is to say, as long as we don’t play these two things, then the opponent will be firmly in control, and then have no power to counter.In fact, the most obvious contrast between the two teams in this game is the age structure. Our main force frame is still dominated by the 85-89 group of players, who have passed the age of 30.Our opponents are mostly made up of players born after 1995, who are in their prime.We can say that this game is like an old man fighting a young man. Even if the opponent’s personal ability is not as good as yours, he has better impact, better physical fitness and more energy. As long as the tactics are used properly, it won’t be hard to beat us.So in the final analysis, we Chinese football’s biggest problem or lack of talent.Many of the key positions can only be used by players over 30 years old, and the younger generation, because they are not playing in the league, can not find the right person to take over.People used to blame youth training for talent shortages, but now it seems that this is not just the youth training, it is our league system has a lot to do with.Our teenagers have not had a structured league to play since they were young, so they have little experience in the game itself.When it comes to the professional first team, the team is formed by the core of foreign aid, the local players can only play in support, and the team results are generally high, so it is more difficult for young players to get opportunities.Over time, talent has been delayed on the bench.We can recall that over the years our youth teams have produced a lot of talents we consider, and even various Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, but few of them have been kicked out, one of the most important reasons is that they have not been able to play in the first team.You can’t even fly in a game.Fortunately, the situation will be reversed in 2021.With the salary limit imposed by the FOOTBALL Association and the financial difficulties of clubs, our teams could not afford to spend more money on foreign players and were forced to use local players.In this short season, we have a lot of domestic players in the league, especially in the central axis positions, the centers are Zhang Yuning, Guo Tianyu and Tan Long, the midfielders are Xu Xin, Yan Dinghao, Gao Tianyi, Duan Liuyu and Zhang Xiuwei, and the central defenders are Zhu Chenjie and Jiang Shenglong.So suddenly let a lot of people understand that we are interrupted, are their own.And just recently, another former talent has been rediscovered and is expected to play in the Chinese Super League.He is currently heilongjiang Ice city team midfield core and captain Li Shuai.Speaking of this name, I believe that many fans are not very familiar with, Li Shuai is actually shaanxi Chanba echelon players, these years is also with and drifting back and forth.In guizhou renhe period, then coach Gao Hongbo took a fancy to him in the echelon team, and even publicly expressed that he found a midfield talent, is Li Shuai.Unfortunately, Li Shuai could not play in the Chinese Super league because he was not 18 years old, but Gao Hongbo made an exception and let him train with the first team.Soon after, Li was spotted by European scouts and successfully joined Porto’s echelon team.In half a season with Porto U19, Li shuai started 8 of 14 games and scored 3 goals and 2 assists, which is quite good.Unfortunately, later guizhou and continued to change, Li Shuai ended the loan was transferred back to the team.Gao Hongbo’s departure also made him no longer valued, full of energy nowhere to release, and later Li Shuai also chose to go out on loan to play games.Over the years, Li shuai has played in both China’s Second and China’s first teams for several times, and finally settled down after joining Heilongjiang FC at the end of the 2017 season.And he soon became the centre of the midfield in his own right, wearing the number 10 and the captain’s armband.It can be said that Li Shuai is one of the few Chinese league 10, and the most brilliant is him.Although Li Shuai is not strong enough and tall enough, he is very good at playing football with his brain. He is very good at holding the ball and passing the ball, which is a bit like Chen Tao in those days.However, as a domestic axis player, it is destined to be difficult to play in a big club. Li shuai has been performing very well in The Chinese League for years, but no Chinese Super League team offers him an offer, because the 10 position in the Chinese Super League is played by foreign players.And Li Shuai also realized this, so he played in China is also very dependable.Last season, he started 25 of 27 games for Heilongjiang, scoring three goals and two assists, and was named player of the Round several times.But many fans feel that it is a pity that such an outstanding player can not play in the Super League.But there was good news yesterday.According to Titan Sports reporter Wang Xiaorui, the four promoted teams of the Chinese Super League (CSL) are busy recruiting players in the off-season, among which chengdu Chengdu, which has been promoted through the play-off, has recently been linked with Li Shuai, who played for Porto U19.That is to say, Li Shuai is likely to play with Chengdu Chengdu in the new season of the Super League.At present, Li shuai is already the peak of the Chinese no. 10, let’s see if he can do the same in the Chinese Super League.Do you think Li Shuai’s ability to play midfield can be achieved?Do you think 27-year-old Li shuai can still prove herself in the Chinese Super League?Feel free to join us in the comments section!If you want to know more about sports, follow us

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