Plan B! Harland’s on the move!1 billion big companies to create 300 million flying across Europe

It is also strange that the greater Paris team has not made any major moves this winter.Today the French media also revealed the current plans of the greater Paris, the original team winter window not to move, in order to explode the football again in the summer.Greater Paris are now working on plan B in case Kylian Mbappe does make a free move to Real Madrid in the summer.Their plan B would be to go straight for Harland, the only current superstar to rival Kylian Mbappe and a complete goal-scoring machine.Although he came to prominence a little later than Mbappe, the two goals he scored in the Bundesliga over the past two years have made many fans feel that he and Mbappe are the next generation of Melo.The move by greater Paris to sign Harland is another twist to the player’s fate, with fans expecting him to move to Barcelona or Manchester City.But consider that Greater Paris has as much money as City, and Laiola is also a greedy agent.He wants harland and Pogba to be sold to the next club, and greater Paris are also interested in Pogba.They can afford the salaries and benefits of two superstars at the same time, which makes them the favorites to package both of them in the summer.As a billion-dollar club, the one thing greater Paris does not lack is money.If it succeeds in taking down Harland, grand Paris’ new $300 million Ziffee is no less powerful than this year’s.Compared to Kylian Mbappe, Harland’s standing post can better convert Messi’s playmaking and passing into goals.This for the current gradual transformation of midfield Messi, perhaps more than Harland good.If harland and Pogba are to be taken over in the summer, the greater Paris will probably give Europe’s biggest clubs a fright.

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