Support kill bureau, Zheng Zhuang Gong gets rid of pro brother beforehand, do not hesitate to encourage its rebellion actually

There is a very famous western saying: nothing new under the sun!What happens today has happened before in this world, and it’s no big deal.It has to be admitted that although today’s world has entered a rapid development of science and technology, human beings can fly above the sky and enter the sea, seemingly omnipotent.But we have to admit that we still live in accordance with the social order formed for a long time, and the laws of the original world still apply to our lives today.For example, mother and son are constantly separated from each other. However, nowadays, with the help of developed network communication and massive information, people find that there are contradictions and hatred between mother and son.So a lot of people feel sorry for the society now, and have lost the wind of the ancients.There are many people who hold this view, but those who know history know very well that the biggest difference between us and the ancients is only in the way of life and knowledge, and the essential way of thinking and human nature have not changed much.Today, let’s talk about a story about a mother and her son in ancient times. From this story, we can realize that ancient people were not as sage as we imagined, but were just like us with flesh and blood, love and hate.The story takes place in the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC), and the hero is zheng Zhuangong, the famous “Spring and Autumn Bully”.Zheng Zhuang Gong was the eldest son of Zheng Wu Gong, so the first son should be loved by his parents.But Zheng Zhuang Gong did not get his mother’s love, his mother even hated him very much.The story began when Zheng Zhuang was born. His wife, Wu Jiang, gave birth to her first child, Zheng Zhuang, in 757 BC.It is said that when Wu Jiang gave birth, the fetal position in the abdomen is not right, Wu Jiang had a difficult labor, and finally cost the baby was born.Babies are born with their feet out and their head in. This kind of upside-down delivery can be very dangerous and painful.Today we know a common sense, the pain of a woman giving birth is 20 times that of a fracture, and the pain of this kind of long hard labor is unimaginable to ordinary people.Therefore, Wu Jiang on the child from the heart of the shadow, so that some hate him.It is said that Wu Jiang disliked Zheng Zhuang Gong so much that he gave him the name “Ji Sheng”, which means inverse sheng.Zheng Wu Gong was very fond of his wife, but he was also very fond of his firstborn son. Seeing that his wife hated his son, he was very sad.The mother hated her newborn son, it was a scandal, and his son would blame himself for the rest of his life if he found out.So Zheng Wu Gong ordered people to close the news, and will be on the scene of the birth of All the maids eunuchs killed.So, not many people knew about it at the time.Three years later, Wu Jiang gave birth to Zheng Wu Gong’s second son. Because it was the second child and a natural birth, Wu Jiang loved this youngest son very much and named him Shuduan.Although three years had passed, Wu Jiang’s hatred for Him did not disappear. After all, he was his own flesh and blood, and wu Jiang could not do anything to him. However, he could not love him at all, so he ignored him very much.Poor Absorbant had grown up in the neglect of his mother, and what was more pitiful was that he had to watch his mother doting on his younger brother every day, while he himself could not get any maternal warmth.Perhaps because of the lack of maternal love, He purposely approached his father, hoping that he could get the missing warmth from him.Fortunately, Zheng Wu Gong had high expectations for his firstborn son. He not only loved him very much, but also spent a lot of energy on training his son.What a boy needs most is not pampering, but training to help him grow into a giant.Therefore, he received strict education and training from Zheng Wu Gong. This strict education was the true love of the father, and Wu Jiang could not understand it.In wu Jiang’s heart, the real love is to take care of the child in every possible way, can’t let the child suffer a little grievance, must give the best to the child, what he wants, must help him get.On the contrary, he studied assiduously and practiced martial arts in order to live up to his father’s expectations.Uncle section in the mother’s doting, very arrogant, not only don’t study hard, but also trouble everywhere, but these are wu Jiang tolerance.The ministers of civil and military affairs of the State of Zheng were very optimistic about the elder son Ji Sheng, who was also the elder son and the legitimate heir, so he was supported by the ministers of the Manchu Court.Wu Jiang harem, the court is not very understanding of things, only know to Zheng Wu Gong for what they want.In 744 BC, Duke Wu of Zheng became seriously ill and needed a new ruler.At that time, it was natural for the official of the central court to appoint Him as crown prince, while Wu Jiang went to Duke Wu’s bed and asked him to appoint Shu Duan as crown prince.Although Zheng Wu Gong also loves his youngest son very much, but is not a bad king, he knows that Uncle duan is spoiled by his mother, without good education, very human nature, in the dynasty is no one to support.Once Li Shuduan is crown prince, his death is feared to attract the opposition of the court.Moreover, Shu Duan was only ten years old at that time, and all he did was eat, drink and play all day long. If he was appointed crown prince, wu Jiang would definitely take over the power in the future. This situation was very dangerous.In addition, Wu Jiang was very indifferent to Him. Once He succeeded Him, he was afraid that he would commit violent acts against him.Zheng Wugong, after much deliberation, declared that he would appoint the eldest son of the emperor, Ji Sheng, as crown prince.In the same year, Zheng Wugong died and was succeeded to the throne by Him. He was only 13 years old at that time.Although Zheng Zhuanggong was young when he came to the throne, fortunately, he was also very studious and diligent in administration with the help of the ministers of the Court and the Middle court. The state of Zheng appeared to be thriving.But at this time, zheng Zhuang Gong has always been cold mother Wu Jiang took the initiative to run to his front, open mouth for uncle duan to ask for his fiefdom.Wu Jiang favored Shu Duan and asked for some fiefdom for him, but what she went too far was to ask for “Zhi Yi”, today’s Xingyang Si Shui town in Henan province.Although this place is not big, but it is a strategic point, where is the most important military pass of the State of Zheng.When Zheng Wu gong was in power, he had decreed that he should never award his subordinates.So Zheng Zhuang Gong refused his mother’s request directly, but Wu Jiang was unrelenting, cursed Zheng Zhuang Gong ungrateful, just when the king forgot his own mother and brothers.Although Zheng Zhuang Gong was not old at that time, he was diligent and studious. He had read many books and was no stranger to the struggle for power and profit.He was keenly aware that what mother wanted for her brother was not a place of luxury and pleasure, but a garrison.Wu Jiang’s intention is very obvious, to this place is to prepare for the future, Zheng Zhuang gong has seen through his mother’s mind to seize the throne.Zheng Zhuang Gong was smart enough not to let his mother and brother pose a mortal threat to him.Moreover, since ancient times, in order to fight for power and profit and lead to the death of the matter is too numerous to enumerate.But at this time they did not show any misconduct, if the start ahead of time, will fall unfilial and unjust handle.Therefore, Zheng Zhuang Gong secretly planned a bold plan, intentionally grow younger brother Shu duan’s ambition, let him slowly embarked on the road of rebellion, and then wipe it out completely.The best way to hurt a person is to keep indulging him.Although Zheng Zhuang gong refused his mother’s request and did not grant shu Duan the title of “Jing Yi”, which was larger and richer, to Shu Duan.Although wu Jiang heart is not very satisfied, but there is such a result has been very good.Will the city of Beijing to the shu section of this matter has attracted the full dynasty minister dissatisfaction, because so do and propriety.According to the ritual system of the Zhou Dynasty, the vassal fiefs should never exceed the vassal lands of the sovereign.Jingyi is one third bigger than guodong, which is undoubtedly too much for Shuduan.But Zheng Zhuang gong said it was his mother’s request that he should not be an unfilial son, so he insisted on giving jing Yi the title to Shu Duan.Uncle duan is actually a embroidered pillow, behind a lot of things are wu Jiang for his operation.Shu Duan’s fiefdom was gongcheng, and later moved to a bigger City, where Shu Duan became the king, more unscrupulous, domineering.Shu Duan also asked the people of the fiefdoms not to call him “Childe Duan” anymore, but “Uncle of The Capital”, which actually meant the king of the state.When Zheng Zhuang Gong heard this, he just shook his head and did nothing.Zheng Zhuanggong indulged wu Jiang and her son, making many people think that he was just a weak weak king, even his brother did not dare to manage a tube.Wu Jiang and Shu Duan did not look up to Him at first, so they were even more proud of him.Uncle section does not have what ability, but ambition is not small however, did not lead how long he is not satisfied with Beijing yi one city, begin to covet the 4 cities around.Uncle section of the plan to attack the surrounding city, but he did not have an army, his men advised him to accumulate strength from now on, recruit, less than ten years to become climate.But uncle duan did not have the patience, but not how to recruit, so he let his mother to brother for soldiers.At that time, the total number of chariots of Xinzheng, the capital of the State of Zheng, was no more than 1,000. Wu Jiang asked him to take 400 as soon as he asked him to send a general to assist Shu Duan.Zheng Zhuang Gong was angry, but still agreed to her requirements, and sent a usually with their relationship is not close to ying Kao uncle to help him.With the help of Uncle Ying, uncle duan’s sphere of influence has been expanding, and the army has also increased a lot.In fact, Mr. Duan basically did nothing but drink and binge during the expansion, and Mr. Ying did most of the work himself.As he grew older and his power expanded, uncle Duan’s ambition began to expand rapidly. He believed that he was the real king and that his brother was weak and incompetent and should take his place.And his idea got the support of Uncle Ying, uncle also sent an assassin into the palace to kill Zheng Zhuang Gong, fortunately, was saved in time.After this, Zheng Zhuang Gong scolded Shu Duan: If you do more injustice, you will die.At the same time, he made up his mind to get rid of his younger brother.Uncle know the assassination of the failure, brother will certainly start on himself, so he rebated, and sent to Xinzheng contact mother, please her as an insider, pass the message.Wu Jiang get secret letter, heart new, so take the initiative to visit the king’s palace, by the way about Zheng Zhuang’s trip.Zheng Zhuang Gong had already prepared, pretended to tell his mother that he would leave the city a few days later.Wu Jiang sent a notice to uncle duan that night, about zheng Zhuang out of the city that day will hang a white flag in the city, uncle duan can see the white flag siege, the city itself.Uncle section see letter exulted, busy life all the army to speed up the trip, be sure to the date of the agreement under the city of Xinzheng.All these were seen clearly by Zheng Zhuang Gong in the dark.On the date of the agreement, uncle and Ying kao uncle rate army arrived at the gate of Xinzheng, I saw the gates closed, the gate tower is full of soldiers, already ready for defense.It was obvious to anyone that they had been prepared, and there was no way to fight.But uncle Duan still foolishly waited at the gate of the city for a long time, wondering why the white flag had not been hung up.Here uncle section anxiously waiting for the white flag hanging on the head of the city, there their own emergency military report came, the original they just left Beijing city soon, Zheng Zhuang gong sent childe Lu rate army attack Beijing city.The garrison and the people of Jing yi hated Shu Duan’s rule so much that they took the initiative to cooperate with Childe Lu’s army. It didn’t take long for Jing Yi to return to Zheng Zhuang’s hands.Uncle section of this even nest also did not have, he panicked more than how good, for a long time to order troops immediately retreat, focus on recapture Beijing City.That night, Uncle duan alone in the tent drinking, thinking to finally understand his brother had prepared, usually those weak are pretend.Before dawn uncle decided to personally encourage morale, recapture Beijing city and brother fight to the death.But when he walked out of the Chinese army, ready to order the assembly of troops, but found that the entire camp has been empty, only around a dozen remnants.At this time of uncle suddenly realized his a huge mistake, uncle ying but brother sent, he thought he and the king, the original is also brother of the people.Shu Duan realized that he was in great danger, so he fled to Yan Yi with a dozen remaining soldiers. Soon after, Zheng Zhuang’s army came and Yan Yi was destroyed in an instant.Shu Duan fled back to gongcheng, where he was captured by Zheng Zhuang’s army and executed.After the death of uncle Section, Wu Jiang grief and anger, went to the palace of Zheng Zhuanggong, Zheng Zhuanggong heart suppressed more than 30 years of resentment also broke out at this time.In anger, he sent his mother to Chengying and swore a poison oath in front of all his ministers: “We will not see each other again until death.”Wu Jiang lost the most love youngest son, and the only eldest son is very resentful to her, although right now she is very sad, regret, but helpless.Zheng Zhuang gong sent his mother to Chengying, but his heart was very regretful, at this time he has become a king respected by ten thousand people.But the mother’s love that lacks for many years became his heart disease, actually he is very eager to get the care of the mother, but he had sent poison oath before the people of the world, never meet with the mother, as the sovereign cannot be easily changed.And for his mother’s injustice, he never let go.See Zheng Zhuang Gong unhappy all day, minister Ying Kao Uncle saw his mind, decided to solve for the sovereign.A zheng Zhuangong banquet ying Kao Shu, ying Kao Shu while Zheng Zhuangong did not pay attention to quietly put some meat on the table into his package.Seeing this, Zheng Zhuang Gong wondered why he did so.’I am indebted to the sovereign, but my mother has never tasted such fine food, so I want to bring some for her,’ Mr. Ying replied.Hearing this, Zheng Zhuang Gong looked up and sighed, every family is the mother of filial piety, but why I can not get the care of the mother since childhood, said to cover his face and cry.Ying Kao Uncle took the opportunity to ask Zheng Zhuang Gong why Lady Wu Jiang just cold or even hate the sovereign.Zheng Zhuang gong said he also wondered, a milk compatriots, but ice and fire, for decades he did not want to understand.Ying Kaosu will tell Zheng Zhuang Gong wu Jiang childbirth difficult labor, Zheng Zhuang Gong suddenly realized that he was born when he hurt his mother, but he has been in the wrong mother.The matter was finally relieved in zheng Zhuang Gong’s heart, he wanted to take his mother back to filial piety, but as the king how to renege?Ying Kaosu stood up and said, as long as the king can reconcile with Lady Wu Jiang, relieve the heart of sorrow, I have a way to let the king can meet his mother again, and not to break his promise to the world.So Mr. Yingkao sent someone to dig a large underground hole that sprouted spring water, which he called ‘yellow spring.’So Zheng Zhuang gong and Lady Wu Jiang will meet in this “huangquan cave”, mother and child two people finally cleared up the past.This is the story of Huang Quan, duke of Zheng Zhuang, recognizing his mother. From this story comes the idiom “If you do too much unrighteousness, you will die.”Although zheng was not a big country in the Spring and Autumn Period, war was a disaster after all, and the origin of this disaster was a mother’s partiality and doting.Therefore, the story of Huang Quan’s recognition of his mother has been passed down as a classic story to serve as a warning to future generations that a small family conflict that is not properly handled may well evolve into a huge disaster.I am the Phantom of The Sea, follow me and give history a thumbs up.

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