4 moves you must Do to increase back thickness

In the fitness circle spread a word “novice training chest, veteran training back” can be imagined the importance of the back.To have the perfect back muscles, attention must be paid to every detail. The width is increased to have the proportion of the inverted triangle, while the thickness is to look stronger and more masculine in clothes.Typical muscles affecting back width are the latissimus dorsi, while those affecting thickness are the teres major, rhomboid, trapezius (upper, middle, lower) and deltoid posterior cord.Do you practice the following 4 must-do moves?1. The barbell leaned boating keep body a 45-degree Angle is constant, the entire back to maintain smooth and stable, the back must be straight, tighten the shoulder blade, will the barbell navel direction, let the barbell touching the navel, 2 T bar bent boating pay attention to the natural straight legs, hold out a bosom arch the back before body bends, two arms unbend is holding the “T” shape.Tighten the waist and abdomen, keep the body stable and lift the “T” bar to the chest and abdomen, pause for 2-3 seconds and then lower it slowly to restore.Pull the handle back to your belly as far as you can, pulling your shoulders and elbows as far back as you can until the handle touches your middle of the body. Hold the peak contraction for a second or two, and try to squeeze the shoulder blades together for maximum stimulation.One-arm dumbbell row number in each group is different, the effect of different exercise muscle under the standard action, the number of each group of the most complete, under 6 times to increase strength, 8 and 12 times used to increase muscle mass, 15 to 25 times more used to improve muscle separating degree, carving muscle line, choose suitable for their own weight, suitable for their own set of number for training.

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