Husband and female boudoir often entangled, her mother-in-law asked her to eat in the home, the meal has not eaten people run

For a long time, my husband and I have a bad relationship, we often quarrel.My temper is more blunt, once there is anything not satisfactory, will directly speak out, my husband will not spoil me, if it is not his fault, he will argue.We quarreled either about our daughter’s education or about family expenses. Sometimes I even complained that he often worked overtime without us.Many quarrels without reconciliation naturally result in a lot of contradictions.I do not know when to start, my husband is not often at home, even at home, but also holding a mobile phone, and I do not say a word.I got suspicious, too, and once unlocked his phone while he was asleep, to see if he was hiding something from me.I saw that he and a woman named Xiao Li talked almost every day.There was nothing out of the ordinary, and there was nothing in the conversation to suggest an affair, but I had a hunch they were likely to develop into something.Especially after I saw a conversation between the two of them.Husband and she complain, my nagging, my shrewish.The woman said, “Men are to be worshipped and respected. If I were my husband, I would treat him well and obey him.”In this way, the typical green tea speech, but unfortunately men eat this set.Originally, I wanted to hold back my anger and communicate with him slowly, but my husband didn’t want to talk to me more. Every day I even saw him holding a mobile phone, I couldn’t make a fight with him.So, I could not help but ask him loudly, who is that woman.At first, my husband said I was nonsense and there was no woman.I sneered back at one of their conversations.Husband stare big eyes, angrily accuse me, invade his privacy, do not respect him, do not trust him.We had another big fight. No matter what I said, my husband insisted that he had no other ideas and we were just friends for many years.Then neither of us would give in, and we didn’t speak to each other for half a month.I knew that if I didn’t stop it, my marriage would probably be over.When there was nothing else I could do, I went to my mother-in-law and wept with her.My mother-in-law said she would help me get rid of the woman.Later one afternoon, my mother-in-law invited that woman. I never expected that the woman would come, too.My mother-in-law told me that since I told her my son was getting a divorce, I would let her come to see him first and I would agree if it was appropriate.When the woman came home, I couldn’t be there, so I hid in my room.When it was already dinner time, my mother-in-law only made two dishes, one is pumpkin boiled fungus, the other is water cabbage.Her mother-in-law said to her, eat, we usually eat these.At the beginning, the mother-in-law did not talk much, but that woman did not say to please the mother-in-law.After a while, her mother-in-law interrupted her, saying, “To cut to the chase, my former daughter-in-law earns 6,000 yuan a month and will give me 2,000 yuan a month. Can you do that?””My daughter-in-law is not only a college student, but also has her own career. At the same time, she can take care of the family. She is responsible for cooking and housework at home and taking care of the children.”I see you dress bright, must usually spend a lot of money also, our home want is diligent and thrifty woman, see you also 30 several, still can give birth to a few children?””What can you do but dress and talk and charm my son?In the future, if you really come to our house, you also remember that you are by robbing the position, I despise you in my heart, as to how you can change me, you do it by yourself.”As soon as she said that, I heard the woman say something and storm off.Since then, the mother-in-law also warned the husband, he and the woman gradually did not contact, my husband and I also slowly ease a lot of.I’m glad I had a mother-in-law who stood up for me and saved my marriage.

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