It’s 2022. Remember those words, and you win

Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to the little orange emotion view article/little orange map/from the network infringement please contact delete – New Year new atmosphere, New Year new beginning.During the Spring Festival, some people always summarize the past and dream about the future. However, the listed goals are seldom realized. This is because the ideas and wishes are good, but the feasible motivation needs to be strengthened.In fact, we do not have to list too big and long-term goals with ourselves every time, as long as we do every little thing in front of us, it is already a great achievement.In the New Year, if you can keep these three things in mind, you can change your mindset and correct your attitude so that you can better cope with life’s ups and downs.Because this is related to the wisdom and pattern of how we conduct ourselves.Mo Yan, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, once said: “Things in the world are like turning pages of a book. One should look forward, not backward.Indeed, people and events in the past remain in the past.If blindly indulging in the past memories can not extricate themselves, then it will only affect the pace of moving forward, resulting in more regrets.The past year has been tough for everyone.But if you think about it, in the adult world, who is really easy?Who has not trudged along with gritted teeth?No matter what you have experienced in the past, if you carry it through, you are a new person.So in the New Year, we should be more positive and more brave to look forward.Two: Life is a mirror, you smile in front of it, it will smile to you, you cry in front of it, it will also cry to you life is not used to compromise, failure is not used to wear down the will.Learn to face failure, deal with the frustration of failure, is everyone’s life is a required course.Don’t lose heart and be discouraged in the face of failure.Try to believe, hope is not far away, happiness may be the next turn.The road of life is indeed rough, but if you give up easily, the rough will easily become a gully, and then swallow the heart of every hope.If you believe in yourself and stride bravely, then even if it is difficult, it is just a wisp of smoke at your feet, and the wind blows, it will be scattered.Life is a mirror. How you face it and it will return the same to you. Therefore, why correct your attitude and live more positively?Sometimes, we are not lost to the actual difficulties, but lost to their own timidity.As the saying goes, it is often fear itself that makes people feel truly fearful.If you can overcome this psychology, you will find that the so-called difficulties are not so impregnable as you think.Lucky people are never born with a halo, but in the face of trivial things in life, they know better than others to take care of their emotions and comfort their hearts.It is because I have learned how to control my feelings that I gain peace in my inner world and treat each loss and gain more rationally.Psychologists say that only when the state of mind toward peace, people can expect to achieve the best in all aspects of the state.When you open your eyes every day and see yourself as you like and full of yourself, then luck and happiness are most likely to find you.In the face of injustice, know how to put the state of mind, do not complain, do not dispute.In the face of failure, learn to stick to yourself, do not abandon, do not be discouraged.In the face of trifles, understand the power of action, do not delay, do not worry.Only by doing these three things can we hope to achieve peace and prosperity in our inner world, and only by controlling our mind can we hope to accumulate more and more blessings.Happiness is always in our own hands.Only by being yourself and believing in yourself can you have a healthier state of mind and body.With a healthier body and a better mindset, we have the hope of generating greater inner energy, which is often associated with good fortune and happiness.I hope every one of us can have new achievements and better self in the New Year.END

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