Japanese ace male star!For his wife hit 500 million build a love nest, now upgrade when dad envy evil spirit everyone…

Here comes amway Boy god again!Yes, the male god is also just upgraded when dad did not long, but is still a lot of girls in the heart of the dream lover, he is – Okada Junichi.Born on November 15, 1980 in Mikata City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan, she is an actor and singer.Among them, by the fans are widely known to the identity of the famous Jennis popular group “V6” members.The group consists of six members, masayuki Sakamoto, Hiroshi Nagano, Kaihiko Iyuhara, Tsuyoshi Morita, Ken Miyake and Junichi Okada, formed on September 4, 1995.* Second from the right is Okada Junichi, who released his single “TAKE ME HIGHER” in 1996. His title song was the theme song of Tokai TV series “Dija Altman”, which attracted attention. It turned out that the post-90s generation had them in their childhood.In 1999, Tsuyoshi Morita, Ken Miyake and Junichi Okada appeared in the comedy New Our Journey;In 2005, participated in the Japanese drama “Tokyo Tower” starred by Black wood pupil, with the general appearance of your son in the play to attract countless girls heart;2006 “The Man of Flower”, a comedy film written and directed by Hirokazu Kore-eda, starring Junichi Okada, Riie Miyazawa, Tadanobu Asano, Furuda Shinta, and Teriyuki Kagawa.In 2007, starred in the criminal investigation action drama “Big police escort”, and won the 56th Japanese drama academy award for best actor.In 2013, he starred in the war movie “Forever zero”, which won the top box office in Japan in 2014 and the second place in the top ten box office in Japan in 2014.With this film, he won the best Actor award in the 27th Sports Film Award for Yujiro Ishihara, the best Actor Award in the 39th Daichi Film Award and the Best Actor Award in the 38th Japanese Film Academy Award.In 2014, he starred in the Book of 蜩 and won the 38th Japan Film Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, making him the first actor to win the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor awards at the Japanese Academy Awards.In 2016, the man known as a pirate, as the brave to develop the oil industry map of the country gang iron made, the film cast is strong, there are Yoshioka Xiulong, Dye valley will too, Kuroki Hua, Ayase Yao, etc..His age span earned him a nomination for best Actor at the 40th Japan Film Academy Awards.In addition, the most recent film is the White Tower (2019), in which he played a talented surgeon Named Goro Caiqian, which was loved by the audience and caused a lot of discussion.On December 24, 2017, at the age of 37, okada junichi announced his marriage to actress Kuichi Miyazaki. It is reported that Okada has prepared land and housing for a new house of 500 million yen…It seems that he really dotes on his wife!Kuichi Miyazaki (36), born November 30, 1985 in Tokyo, Japan, is a Japanese model and actress.Artificial Paradise, which made its film debut in 2000, won the Fabius Award for International Film Critics and the Catholic Humane Spirit Award at cannes.In 2001, she starred in The film Vermin and won best Actress at the Three Continents Film Festival in Nantes, France.In 2005, he gained popularity for his role as NANA Komatsu in the manga adaptation film NANA.In 2006, she starred in NHK morning drama Pure Love Shines and won the 50th Japanese Drama Academy Award for Best Actress.In 2008, he starred in NHK river drama Tsushime, becoming the youngest river drama master in Japanese history.In 2011, she starred in the film “The Husband got Depression” and won the 24th Daily Sports Film Award winner.In 2013, he starred in the film “The Story of Making a Boat”, which won the 37th Japan Film Academy Award for Best Film.After marriage, Miyazaki consciously reduced her workload and returned to her family more. On October 16, 2018, she gave birth to her first son, officially announcing that she and Okada became parents.After that, two people have been very low-key, almost no news, I believe they must be low-key happy life!Wish Okada junichi and Miyazaki can be happy forever

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