Sorption to eat!People in Hunan unlock new ways to eat Tangyuan

Hunan Daily February 15 news (all media reporter Huang Tingting correspondent Chen Xintian) Aoqiao, durian, hawthorn……As it seems that the all-inclusive style of sweet dumplings can no longer satisfy consumers’ desire, Hunan people have also made innovations in the way they eat them.Reporters found that this year’s Lantern Festival, the streets of Changsha can be sucked to eat the tea, attracted many young consumers.”Today, when I was shopping for milk tea, I found there was a coconut milk tea with tangyuan, so I immediately bought a cup to taste it.”Liu Lu, a white-collar worker in Changsha, told the reporter that although the sweet dumplings in milk tea are simple small glutinous rice balls, the taste is not amazing, but the combination of milk tea with traditional festival creativity, she could not help but “pay for it.”Open the takeaway platform, you can find that there are several milk tea brands in Changsha have launched tangyuan milk tea, crystal flow heart, raw coconut white jade and other different flavors.According to the owner of a milk tea shop on Huangxing Middle Road in Changsha, tangyuan milk tea is a restricted flavor for the Lantern Festival. The best-selling crystal flowing tea, nearly 50 cups of which were sold on Lantern Festival alone.Milk tea shops innovate new ways to eat tangyuan, and traditional shops are not unwilling to lag behind in marketing.For example, Changsha, a centennial old evergreen snack, launched the Lantern Festival blind selection activity, 11 yuan can blind selection of different flavors of dumplings, the young consumers.[Editor: Peng Kexin]

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