A “glass princess” has finally given birth to a baby after suffering from a rare disease that affects one in a million people

Qianjiang Evening News · Hour news reporter He Lina, intern reporter Xu Ziying, correspondent Wang Wenting February 14, hangzhou First People’s Hospital obstetrics exciting news: under the efforts of multidisciplinary medical staff, special puerpera “glass princess” Xiao Yu (pseudonym) smoothly gave birth, mother and daughter safely discharged from hospital.Xiao Yu, a girl living in Shangcheng District, Hangzhou, has been a frequent visitor to the hospital since she was a child.When she was 1 years old, her sister died because of nosebleed and could not be rescued in time. She also had the same nightmare: nosebleed at every turn, and she could not stop bleeding every time.His parents took him to the hospital for an examination, which showed that his platelet count was normal and his coagulation function was normal. Finally, he was diagnosed with a rare congenital disease called thrombocytopenia through genetic testing.This is an autosomal recessive genetic disease, the incidence rate is only one in a million, only more than 100 cases reported in China, may be a strange term for many doctors.The mutation of chromosome 17 gene in these patients leads to abnormal platelet adhesion activation, which prevents blood from clotting and forming a thrombosis, meaning xiao Yu cannot withstand any scratches and bumps.But even if careful again, small yu body always can appear from time to time a piece of bruise hemorrhagic point, the classmates gave her a nickname – “glass princess”.It can be imagined that the road of small Yu’s growth is hard!Any bleeding nose, bleeding gums, or even her monthly period was almost a matter of life or death for her.After going to the university, the Small yu that love dou has just opened and classmate xiao Zhao fell in love with each other, but the disease lets her abased, she is hiding him carefully, dare not face this paragraph of feeling.But zhao did not flinch after learning the truth, he said to Yu: “I will take care of you, if you want to have a child, we can adopt.”After graduation, Xiao Zhao proposed to Xiao Yu: “Dear, let’s get married.””We are confident that we can keep you and your baby safe.” Married days are very happy.But as the work, life tends to be stable, time is long, always feel some boring, coupled with her husband’s guilt, Xiao Yu mustered courage, at the age of 33 when pregnant.But the decision was almost a life or death gamble for her.Find out to be pregnant of that moment, the doctor tight frown: “you this child how so don’t know cherish oneself!”Her husband, Xiao Zhao, was happy and distressed.After many inquiries, finally took his wife to hangzhou first People’s Hospital, find deputy director of obstetrics Zhai Hongbo chief physician.”It’s incredible that this extremely rare disease has occurred in your family twice!”Zhai Hongbo sighed.Suffering from this disease not only means that the whole process of pregnancy will have a greater risk of bleeding, once the birth is to go in the “jaws of death”.”But we are confident that we can help you and your child get through it safely.”Zhai Hongbo said affirmatively.The doctor’s words like a ray of warm sunshine, let Xiao Yu and Zhao see hope.As Zhai Hongbo expected, Small Yu’s October pregnancy is not easy.Fortunately, I was well prepared, and the repeated bruising, bleeding nose and gingival bleeding during the period were properly handled.With the increase of months and the healthy growth of the baby, Xiao Yu is more and more confident.3】 The most romantic gift for a long run on Valentine’s Day has slipped through the 38th week.Under the arrangement of Zhai Hongbo, Xiao Yu was admitted to the hospital, ready to meet the hard-won baby, and Zhai Hongbo team, hematology, anesthesiology and neonatology together to make a “pre-war preparation”.Early in the morning on February 14, the moment before being pushed into the operating room, Xiao Yu’s gums suddenly bleeding, “Director Zhai, you help me!”She began to get a little anxious and nervous.”Don’t worry, we’re waiting to open the blind box!”Zhai Hongbo tightly pinched once small Yu’s hand, “now, have a good sleep!”At this time, the transfusion department has prepared 30 units of homotype platelets with leukocytosis to temporarily improve the coagulation function through platelet transfusion.As two bags of light yellow liquid slowly input small Yu’s body, “battle” formal ring!Although Zhai Hongbo led the team many times in the training of possible problems and targeted solutions, but the actual operation is still walking on thin ice: Xiao Yu wound bleeding like a tap, the speed is very fast, Zhai Hongbo surgery while bleeding, for fear of missing any small bleeding point.The operation, which normally takes just over half an hour, took her more than twice as long.An hour and a half later, Xiao Yu was safely launched into the operating room, mother and daughter safe.Through tears, she said words could not express her feelings. She would always remember the hardships she had come through, the joy and excitement of becoming a successful mother, and the gratitude she felt for the hospital and all the medical staff.Zhai hongbo said that it is the duty and mission of medical staff to treat every pregnant and pregnant woman, and the trust of patients to the hospital and doctors is very important in the treatment of severe patients.At the same time, she reminded such patients must come to the genetic counseling clinic before pregnancy, husband and wife single gene disease examination, prenatal diagnosis when necessary, to avoid the occurrence of tragedy.This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. Without permission, it is forbidden to reprint, copy, extract, rewrite and spread online, otherwise, the newspaper will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer through judicial channels.

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