Bickerstaff: Jarrett Allen can dominate games, he is the anchor

Cleveland Cavaliers coach J.B. Bickerstaff thinks Jarrett Allen can dominate games.Cleveland Cavaliers coach Bickerstaff thought Jarrett Allen could dominate after he had 29 points, 22 rebounds and two assists on 12-of-20 shooting in a 102-101 victory over the Charlotte Hornets.”I’ve always believed in Jarrett Allen,” Bickerstaff said. “I’ve always believed in Jarrett Allen as a player who can dominate games, and I believe he’s shown that, and I hope he continues to dominate games.””He sends a positive message on the floor. He’s not just amazing on the offensive end, he’s amazing on the defensive end, and that’s why he’s so dominant. He can break down defenses so well.”

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