Children “bite their nails”, and psychological needs, affecting children into adulthood

Why do our babies chew their nails?It’s one of the most frequent inquiries we’ve had backstage lately.In fact, children biting nails, if it is between the ages of 1 to 3 is still very normal, because the child to satisfy his oral desire.However, as your child turns four, parents should be aware that if your child fails to break the habit, it could be a psychological need rather than a bad habit.After all, biting your nails as your child gets older is a habit that can be very damaging to your child.If the child does not correct in time, it is likely to affect the formation of the child’s future personality.So why do children chew their nails?If nail-biting continues beyond the age of four, there may be several reasons behind it.The first one: insecurity. If a child lacks a sense of security inside, they will be confused and overwhelmed, and when they can’t find something that they can rely on and rely on, they will bite their nails to fulfill this psychological need.We will find that biting nails is very rare among extroverted children.In contrast, those who are introverted and more introverted are less willing to express their thoughts, less willing to communicate with others, and prefer to be in a quiet environment.The rate at which these children eat their nails is relatively high.Third: character inferiority due to the influence of the child’s character, the child may be alone for a long time, then they show more serious not confident in their own.If the parents do not find the problem and help to correct it in time, it is likely to cause the child’s psychological inferiority, so that it will affect the child’s adult personality and behavior.In fact, in addition to the above several psychological reasons.We should also pay attention to the dangers of children eating their nails regularly.For example, nails are particularly dirty, children often bite their nails, will cause more bacteria in the child’s body, the chance to get sick naturally is also a lot of.In addition, children who eat nails all the time, naturally nails are difficult.Whether it is a boy or a girl’s image after they grow up, they pay great attention to their appearance, so we lose points in image naturally.That we see, no matter the cause of children eating nails behind, or harm, in fact, for children are bad.Since it is not good, then we have to help the child to carry out effective correction.In the process of correcting, parents should pay special attention to the gentle attitude, do not teach or angry, always intimidate children?Will only make the child’s psychological state more unstable.In fact, the best way to help children with this bad habit is to divert their attention, by attracting children to do more meaningful things to change the nail eating behavior is very effective.Share parenting knowledge with you through comics.If you find this article helpful, please like it and forward it.

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