Feng Gong mocked China’s national football team for eating sea cucumbers, while dong Lu, a Chinese commentator, fumed: “The false legend of sea cucumbers is a burden.

From now, feng gong mocking the team’s short video to eat sea cucumber, good by netizens turned out again, because this paragraph of time Feng Xiaoting and hanlin gong, football in all places in China, so the feng gong this short video is also came at a very time, it also quickly from the hot search list first, feng gong is also at the time of a month ago,He shot a short video mocking the National football team and holding a meme of the National football team eating sea cucumbers.Feng Gong said that the sea cucumber eaten by the National football team is covered with thorns on the surface, but in fact it is quite soft.He is mocking the team’s style is too soft, with the Vietnam team is playing, however, so feng gong on the team’s relentless taunt, quickly is also caused the commentator dong lu disdain and discontent, so he began to return feng gong on social platform, is also a bit Dui to back, “false tales of the sea cucumber, an online everywhere is lousy terrier,Return to be a burden to make live “so see come out have hate!Dong Lu also said that “Feng Gong Spring Festival gala sketch is often copied on the network of others jokes, tickle people laugh, now shoot jokes or the network of the old rotten terrier, really is a little progress.”In addition, it also reminded Feng Gong that the sea cucumber sponsored the whole Chinese team, and the women’s football team did not eat less sea cucumber.In fact, we also know that Dong Lu is the initiator of the war between Gong Hanlin and Feng Xiaoting, it is under his leadership that Feng Xiaoting began to fight back against Gong Hanlin.So it’s more or less a mix.We also know, when Gong Hanlin batch of Chinese football, is that taking tens of millions of annual salary, but a ball can not enter, this is difficult to convince the crowd, let a person see guan take money but do not do, it is hard to avoid someone can not go down, this is also let us listen very in place is also very surprised.Now the relationship between the three of them is that Dong Lu ignited the Chinese football people of Gong Hanlin dissatisfaction, then feng Xiaoting began to join the debate, the contradiction between the two sides is further upgraded, now is Dong Lu spearhead on the line feng Gong, this needless to say is a natural debate, this does not know when can be calmed,I wonder if more people in sports or entertainment circles will come out and expand the trend again.What do you think of the controversy?Who do you prefer?

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