Last year, there were no more than 10 Domestic dramas with 8 points, but she still got 8.2 points despite being scolded for her scandal.

In 2022, it was flooded by two families.The Kim family, the “son of genius”, lost the mistress who had worried all her life.The host is worried about how to pick up the sick son jin Xiaoyu in hospital to go home, but also worried about his son’s translation work;For many years the yue family, many diseases and disasters of life, but also a mess.Old father paralysis, old mother fell arm, eldest son missing, wife in the factory to wash kelp.What about himself?While looking for my son, I did odd jobs in Beijing — carrying sandbags, carrying cement, carrying construction waste…Listen: people who have fought against fate.Every word spoken has a kernel of gold.Father Jin: No school, no college, no job, no family, we can accept it — as long as he’s alive.Yue mou: I also don’t feel oneself pitiful.I just work well, I don’t steal, I don’t rob, I use my own strength, I use my own hands, I earn some money, I earn some money to find the children.To make a living, to take care of the family.This screen behind, it is not a look at their own empathy.The epidemic has taken away some of the color of success from society and made people cherish the essence of survival and life more and more.When reality projects back into fiction.Looking back at the 2021 domestic screen, there are also changes.No more boss smacking, more life smacking.The trap of suspension dog blood is less, solid affection is more.Is it easy to make a live drama?Making movies and going home, Mr. Lee said, kept him busy.Because home is a collection of many contradictions and emotions.Sometimes a small thing, it is difficult to measure and grasp.In fact, a family living under one roof can still live their own lives, but from the heart of the kind of scruples, is the meaning of a home for home.Eat Eat Woman is a tough place to shoot.A home that can keep an audience is harder.With the Spring Festival approaching, today’s list is more timely: a few Chinese dramas in 2021.Yeah, in case you want one.Joe’s first you wouldn’t believe it, Joe’s.That’s right, from “The Joes,” which dropped its opening score from 8.7 to 7.7.For the first 10 episodes, Sir Really loves this place.I especially like the walls of this house.It’s lower than the rest of the neighborhood, and the outer walls don’t look like neighbors.There are a few POTS of green plants on the wall, look carefully, there is a pot of chrysanthemum flower brain.There is a saying in Nanjing, “Nanjing people, do not eat grass, do not eat fish love to eat grass, wolfberry, artemisia, chrysanthemum flower brain.”) Qiao’s, an old house in downtown Nanjing in the 1970s.Not big, two bedrooms and one living room, but with a small yard.The family has a difficult history.She gave birth to a lot of children, the last one, died in the delivery room.Left a fifth child to feed, two children and two daughters.And the father of this house is a gambler.When there is good food in the house, he treats himself well.Five children in a room, he slept alone;Five children share a bowl of rice, and he eats a big one alone.There are several kinds of bitterness in life.Joe’s family was not so bad in the eyes of outsiders.The factory benefits are good, the house has a yard, the space is not cramped, although the life is tight, but food and clothing.But what outsiders don’t see are the children.When you’re a parent and you only love yourself, it’s nice to be able to put your kids to bed and eat.The eldest brother, At the age of 12, learned that his father was unreliable.His clothes never fit and he never wore the desired white sneakers.A home can’t do homework immediately, have to cook for younger brother and sister first, and then burn water for father’s feet.It’s cold, thinking radiator should change, thinking brother and sister should add clothes;Thinking that the home should have a look, so I asked the neighbors for chrysanthemum flower seeds, and went to the garden in the middle of the street to dig soil, planted on the wall.At a young age, he’s shouldering the responsibilities of a failed father.A man is as his name suggests.Ten percent, not only became a model brother, but also became a “strong mother.”He became a “parent” without any instruction, and constructed the kinship of brothers and sisters without any instruction.The name of this affection is: “Day thunder are not scattered.”This is the first shot of the Joe siblings in the show.A backhand.Yi Cheng looked up at the water on the plastic shed, with a shadow of trees behind it.An overhead shot.The younger brothers and sisters gathered round.This shot suggests that their growth will be tied together in the future.Time is like water, details are like poetry.Sanli, Simei, when no one comb their hair, they comb each other.Two strong, grow up overnight by 10 into bump into…Eldest brother tacitly jilted to him a clean pants, quietly close the door.Don’t think big brother no one hurt.Sensible sisters grow up early, know that eldest brother to the college entrance examination, will give him to prepare the walnut brain, try to create learning preparation environment.Let’s zoom out a little further and look at this home.Still has its dilapidation and straitened.But when the weather is fine, the glass on the door, the window on the side, are filled with light.Inside the wall, the weak children are like plants on the wall.They are naturally nourished and dependent on each other.Through the wind and rain that blew into the wall.10%? You’re always afraid of being in debt.But one’s life, how can really lonely to old, who also do not ask, who also do not rely on?Born human, is to eat all kinds of hardships, surrounded by people to support each other, support each other, is a blessing.Ding family a data.Last year, there were 1,049 domestic dramas.There are only 10 movies with more than 8 points.Among them is “Hello, Mother,” which has a mediocre but solid rating of 8.2.Earlier this year, “Hello, Li Huanying,” which topped the box office during the Spring Festival, made people remember Jia ling’s mother.Last October, ding Biyun from Jiangcheng, Jiangsu province, was remembered for her work hello, Mother.The drama, adapted from the writer bad sheng in the death of his mother, in douban recorded a collection of small things: Cloud: 99 small things with mother.Do not need to sensational, because the mother as if the details of the ledger, with deep feeling.When you stew carp soup should add cold water not boiled water, with the kettle boiled egg after a boiling hot water to pour into the bottle quickly stay evening wash gargle, wash the clothes should be placed a few mouth when or how much laundry detergent washing powder, dry don’t forcing hangers from collar T-shirt inside rather than from the waist up trap won’t hold down collar, wash and dress on the location of the toothpaste tooth brush,How to store washed and dried clothes when changing seasons, how to seal and tie cotton tires after exposure to the sun until the heat dissipates, how to fold shirts and sweaters, how to turn on a tiny energy-saving night lamp before going to bed every night…These details constitute 30 years of ding’s mother and son.Her mother, Ding Biyun, dropped out of high school and learned craft from the town’s old tailors.She thought that if she married her rich boyfriend, she would live a happy life.Unexpectedly, three years after the birth of the child, her husband became a rascal who drank too much and played cards, and also made love to a girl helper in a restaurant.Ding biyun, also a stubborn character, immediately left home and changed her son’s surname.So, Ding = Ding Biyun + Ding Xiaojun.Life with a single parent was never easy, and this mother didn’t even own a house.They lived in ding Xiaojun’s grandmother’s house in a rural area in northern Jiangsu.Lived in a studio in town for 60 bucks a month, with an open kitchen.”Home” is always changing, life is always drifting.But it’s weird. It smells like home.It is the Spring Festival, in the TV Zhao Benshan and Fan Wei Spring Festival gala sketch.It’s a hot water bottle used to warm the bed in winter.It’s the animal handwork we made against the sheets during the blackout.So a home is not a dead building, or even one under the same roof.Somebody has a family.Where there is detail, there is home.Home is the sum total of the details of mother and child’s life.”Mother” is thin enough and honest enough.This home reminds many viewers of “similar mothers”.The mother was gentle and quiet, rarely blushing.Emaciated figure, and hidden a self-esteem stubborn heart.And a little wisdom that grows with life.Buy pork, the boss is too little not pressure scale, she is not bad.Let’s add a little more lard.Such a mother is so ordinary.But she thought she was so special.Because of the son.Ding Xiaojun is the best work in Ding Biyun’s life.He had little contact with his father since he was a child.So what he wanted to be when he was a kid, was someone else.Like my mother, she was kind, principled and quiet.He grew up sensible, rainy days can not sleep, because worried about overtime did not come home mother.Afraid of mother hard, eat apple to leave half for mother.Eat meat and keep it.An incomplete family, mother and son echo each other a complete love.Over the years, this love did not fade but grow.His mother was sick with cancer and he took her to chemotherapy.Uneven road, Ding Biyun ride electric car bump leg pain.His son also felt pain, but did not want to show it at all.So he looked everywhere but into his mother’s eyes…So you ask me what “big” is.Big is small.”Mother” takes 99 little things to make one big word.Why 99?Because of the old Chinese saying, “ninety-nine” lack of a, not satisfactory.In the epidemic year, Sir Did not want to recall how many unsatisfactory events had occurred.Here, I hope that the audience who see ding’s family can recall a completeness belonging to you in the imperfect.Believe in perfection and never lose it.The Chens have the fragrance of medicine.Come in a person, no matter how many knot is not smooth, also can pass a.The Chen family, from last year’s highest rated Chinese drama, “A Vulgar Girl’s Tale 2.”The first season aired, broke the 13-year ratings record, the second season continued to be excellent, Douban 9.3.Chen’s home was a little far away, in rural Tainan on the other side of the Strait.Tangible, yet so familiar.”It’s amazing to see the similarities in growing up in different cultures and empathize with current anxieties and dilemmas,” read a comment on Douban.Chen Chia-ling, 39, quit her job and split up, returning to her hometown in Tainan after years of absence.The front room was a Chinese medicine shop, and the backyard was where the family lived and ate.”Vulgar Girl” intersperses two families alternately, showing The past and present of Chen Jialing.The first season focuses on Carina’s childhood home.That was 39 years ago, and the clue to why She became “Carina Chan”.She had the luxury of being capricious, for there was no shortage of love in her family.Grandpa always kept a straight face to his children, but he could not coax Carling well. Every afternoon after school, he would help his granddaughter watch TV at the door.Having slept with her grandmother since childhood, she is not short of protection.The only one who’s tough is mom.Afraid of her daughter read bad books, follow their own footsteps, and afraid of her daughter’s college choice too far, not to take care of.For this reason, he once claimed to sever the relationship between mother and daughter…But you see?Whether it is home or home, it is not in and out, packing, food.Carling’s dad, he’s a good guy, too.Timid, always guarding a Chinese medicine shop.No temper. He apologizes first for his daughter’s bullying.I was not well educated, and I had nothing to talk about with Carling. All I knew was to stiffly satisfy my daughter’s wishes.What does a daughter like that grow up to be?Stubborn temper, straight mind, a sense of security.At the age of 39, Chen Jialing dares to break off her marriage, resign naked and leave the big city.Dare to break, dare to stand.Without her old home, there would have been no new home that Carrie Chan slowly built in season 2.In the second season, Chen stayed in her hometown and spent all her savings to buy a “haunted house” that she was afraid of as a child.It witnessed that Chen Jialing finally reconciled with herself and witnessed a “vulgar girl’s development”.In and out of the play, two “vulgar girls”.”Vulgar female to develop a record” the author of the prototype novel in the book frankly: that excellent and good life of the woman blueprint, I try to follow the long life, I see also so let it go, the part did not let me much easier, long of those obviously this life do not do my business.Here is a solemn invitation to you, grasp the limited life, first together shrug, support this excellent and ordinary themselves, those who need to work hard, anyway, put a while will not be stolen to do.From the secular point of view, Chen Jialing’s life is a kind of “regression”, a kind of “insecurity”.Giving up a high-paying job in Taipei, giving up an ex-boyfriend with a strong family background and emotional foundation, giving up something considered to be a security factor in life…But then again.For all the security and progress in the world, what does this encapsulate?Is not a breath, a confidence.”Unsafe” By Carina Chen.Still living in a haunted house.And a heightened sense of security…(Think about what the writers are trying to tell you by going to all this trouble with metaphors.)Two Chen Jialing paint the “haunted house”.It was supposed to be scary…But the two of them, big and small, talk about a temperature.When did you start to forget forget that this life is actually very long, you can fall and stand up again dream and wake up again this life is actually very short, you have no time to force yourself no time to hate yourself to say three homes.Have you noticed that the ordinary word “home” has become more concentrated?And become very like a word, very ordinary at the same time, very tall — life.They all belong to the same sea level.The sea tide, let you see the family flashing highlight moment;The sea ebb tide, let you see scattered all over the fireworks.Sir To say the last “home”, is also a small home.It has its highlights, it has its pyrotechnics.Push the door open.Behind the door stood the youngest child of the family…Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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