Song Hui, director of biomedical division of provincial Science and Technology Department, visited Gulu Pharmaceutical Group to investigate the development of biomedical industry

On the afternoon of February 24, Song Hui, director of biomedical Department of provincial Science and Technology Department, and his delegation went to Gulu Pharmaceutical Group of Xincai County to investigate the development of biomedical industry.Hu Xiaoli, director of Zhumadian Science and Technology Bureau, Li Zhennan, member of xincai County Committee and executive Deputy head of xincai County Government, and Wang Xuesheng, chairman of Gulu Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., accompanied the research and attended the symposium.Song Hui a line into the factory workshop, visit the tortoise deer glue, tortoise-shell glue production process, carefully examined the research center, Dr. House and use the Internet of things technology to build intelligent remote precise service platform, to enterprise development, corporate innovation research and development, production and operation situation and the next step development planning, and the industrialization of biological medicine science and technology innovation project communication.Song Hui gave full recognition to the platform construction, research and innovation capacity and project research and development work of Gulu Pharmaceutical.She pointed out that the provincial party Committee and government have made decisions to accelerate the development of biomedicine in Henan Province, and the Municipal Party committee and government have also set the goal of establishing a “bio-pharmaceutical valley”.Enterprises to innovation, further increasing spending on research and development more closer production and scientific research institutes to carry out cooperation, strive for the industrialization of research achievements as soon as possible, to vigorously promote the development of biological medicine industry, priority support complete with independent intellectual property rights, research and development institutions field of biological medicine high-tech enterprises, promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine industry with high quality.(Source: PDA Xincai)

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