Changsha Stomatological Hospital held a symposium on the Spring Festival for retired old comrades and carried out the Spring Festival condolence activities

The Moment On January 30th (correspondent Yuan Hui) On the occasion of the Spring Festival, the leaders of Changsha Stomatological Hospital informed the old comrades of the work situation in 2021 by holding a symposium, visiting and visiting and other forms, and sent New Year’s greetings and warm care for the hospital’s difficult party members, workers and communities.At the symposium, Xie Hui, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and president of the Hospital, expressed his heartfelt thanks to all the senior comrades for their support and long-term contribution to the development of the hospital. He hoped that the senior comrades would continue to support the work of the hospital, and make suggestions and suggestions for the high-quality development of the hospital.Zeng Chunming, party secretary, briefed the hospital on its work in 2021.He pointed out that in 2021, the hospital will achieve a stable start of the “14th Five-year Plan”, and various medical business indicators show a good trend.The main line of “improving connotation, strengthening management, promoting growth and stabilizing expectations” runs through all aspects of hospital work.The hospital has achieved steady improvement, further raised the coordinate of the development of the hospital, and made a solid step on the road to promote the high-quality development of the hospital.He said that in 2022, he will adhere to the “stability” as the first word, maintain the momentum of “progress”, grasp the requirements of “high”, closely adhere to the theme of high-quality development, grasp the main line of “improving connotation, strengthening management, promoting integration and stable growth”, strive to become the demonstration hospital of high-quality development of public hospitals in the province, to fulfill the responsibility of the implementation of the “strong provincial capital” strategy.With outstanding achievements to welcome the opening of the party’s 20th victory.At the meeting, old comrades were consulted on the work of the hospital’s “two museums” (hospital history museum and oral health Science Museum).In the home of the destitute party members, cadres and workers, the leaders of the hospital had a heart-to-heart talk with them, concerned about their health conditions, listened to their difficulties and needs carefully, encouraged them to enhance confidence and maintain an optimistic attitude towards life.The comrades in charge of docking should maintain close contact, learn about demand in a timely manner and solve practical difficulties.Through sending warm activities, the Party’s care and concern to difficult party members, difficult workers and communities in difficulty.

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