Go to the side door to burn incense?Chairman Lv Jianming value shrink, tong policy medical treatment again sink storm

Just like the bribery scandal more than a decade ago, Lu Jianming, chairman of Tongce Medical (600763.SH), once again chose to “cool” the public’s doubts.On February 7, the first day after the Year of the Tiger, Lu Jianming posted a photo on his micro blog of burning incense to pray for good fortune at The Jianshan Temple outside Hangzhou. He revealed that he had been on the hot search list after burning incense in the temple through “guanxi”.By the evening of Feb. 10, Lu jianming had edited the post three times and deleted the words “Because of the epidemic, the Bianshan Temple is not open to the public recently, friends contacted the monks and were able to enter the main hall and burn three sticks of incense.”From modifying the contents and viewing permissions of weibo for many times, and then closing comments, it can be seen that Lv Jianming’s heart is not calm these days.In fact, tongce Medical Market, which Is effectively controlled by Lu Jianming, has not performed smoothly since late June last year, with its market value of more than 80 billion yuan losing more than half of its value.Lu Jianming’s stock market value fell by more than 20 billion yuan.As the saying goes, it is better to seek Buddha than to seek yourself.Apart from the burning incense worship Buddha caused by the controversy itself, Lu Jianming and the tongce medical treatment, how will deal with the market confrontation?Can this giant, known as “Toothmao” (maotai in the dental industry), return to its pedestal in the future?Lv Jianming, born in 1965.After graduating from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Hangzhou University (later merged into Zhejiang University) in 1988, Lu jianming successfully joined the Zhejiang Disabled Persons’ Federation and became a state cadre.With the upsurge of China’s new round of reform and opening up, economic system reform to the depth of the field of expansion, working for several years Lv Jianming decided to “change a way of living.”At the end of 1992, driven by the trend of The Times, Lv Jianming devoted himself to real estate, and later established Zhejiang Tongce Real Estate Development Co., LTD., after several years of struggling to earn his first bucket of gold in life.Claiming to have the feelings of literati, he later dabbled in the field of literature and art, investing in the establishment of pure literature magazine “Meiwen”, which is specially aimed at middle school students’ extra-curricular reading, and opened “top-level gallery” in Shanghai, enjoying a high reputation in the industry.Although he made his fortune in real estate, Lu Jianming was worried about “when will the asset bubble break?” The policy and financial changes caused by regulation and control, as well as unstable cash flow, lay hidden dangers for the development of the real estate industry.However, Lv Jianming encounters noble person ceaselessly however.One of them was Xu Maiyong.Born in 1959, Xu Maiyong was six years older than Lu Jianming and became the deputy mayor of Chengxiang town in Xiaoshan County at the age of 25.His career was smooth, culminating in his position as vice mayor of Hangzhou.Xu maiyong once served as the general manager of a Hong Kong window company of the Government of Xiaoshan city (which had not been transformed into a district at that time).Hangzhou (Hong Kong) Industrial Co., Ltd. was established on January 24, 1995 with a registered capital of HK $10,000.Mr. Xu became a director in 1997 and owns 90 percent of the company.After a few years at the helm, Mr. Xu crossed paths directly with Mr. Lu.In 2003, the legal representative of Zhejiang Lianfa Real Estate Industrial Co., Ltd. held by Hangzhou (Hong Kong) Industrial Co., Ltd. was replaced.The legal representative was replaced by Xu Maiyong with Lu Jianming.After with noble person intersection, the road of capital of Lv Jianming is also about to open.In 2004, Lv Jianming borrowed a shell in the “Delong” storm and won the “ST In Yan”.In April 2007, the listed company changed its name to Tongce Medical.There are still many unanswered questions about the backdoor.At that time delong chaos into ST yan in the top ten shareholders, hidden mysterious power.On December 6, 2007, Zhejiang Regulatory Bureau of China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) “Notice on the rectification of tongce Medical Investment Co., LTD.” (Zhejiang Securities Regulatory Shanghai Word (no. 210) document) disclosed that the shareholders of the company hangzhou Baoqun Industrial Group Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou GuangsaiElectric Power Technology Co., Ltd. formed an associated relationship,Both parties concealed this connection in the Acquisition Report of Listed Companies, and the company did not disclose it truthfully in the continuous information disclosure, which violated the relevant provisions of the Securities Law and the Measures for the Administration of Acquisition of Listed Companies.Although the authorities found the problem, the raw rice has become cooked rice.Lv Jianming and tong policy medical treatment, narrowly escaped the crisis.By the time the regulator found the problem, Lu jianming’s new layout was already in full swing.In 2006, Tongce Group acquired 100% equity of Hangzhou Stomatological Hospital.Then, “ST Zhongyan” asset restructuring, Hangzhou Stomatological Hospital 100% equity was injected into the listed company.Through the acquisition of this dental hospital, which has been deeply engaged in the medical and dental industry for more than 50 years, Lu Jianming’s business transformation started from a high starting point.In April 2007, Zhongyan Textile Co., Ltd. changed its name to Tongce Medical Investment Co., Ltd. and its main business changed to the operation and investment of oral medical service industry.Tongce Medical became the first listed company mainly engaged in medical services in China.With the reputation of “Dental mouth”, Tongce Medical has achieved considerable performance and secondary market performance in the past ten years.Tracing its development process, seizing the opportunity of mixed reform of public hospitals and the unique operation mode of “general hospital + branch hospital” is the key factor to grow into a leading oral hospital.Since the backdoor listing in 2007, Tongce Medical’s operating income and net profit have maintained uninterrupted growth, but it has not been able to break the vicious circle of “business focus in Zhejiang Province” and “profit highly dependent on one hospital”.The quarterly report of 2021 shows that from January to September, tongce Medical realized operating revenue and net profit of 2.36 billion yuan and 620 million yuan respectively, with year-on-year growth of 44.16% and 55.09%.Among them, more than 90% of the medical service income comes from Zhejiang province, hangzhou Stomatological Hospital pinghai Hospital and Hangzhou Stomatological Hospital West Of hangzhou Stomatological Hospital set up by the signboard of hangzhou Stomatological Hospital, supported more than 70% of the company’s profits.02 bribery storm made a noble Lu Jianming smooth sailing.Just as Lu Jianming attributed the barriers and the key to the success of the medical service industry to a word — “people”, the trajectory of his fortune is also related to “people”.However, nobleman after the event, Lv Jianming also suffered affected.On August 31, 2009, Tongce medical issued an important announcement saying, “Lu Jianming has been detained by the provincial Procuratorate for personal problems and is under investigation.”In September of that year, Lu Jianming resigned as chairman and was temporarily replaced by his brother, Lu Jianguo.The investigation was widely seen at the time as related to a bribery case involving Xu Maiyong, a former vice mayor of Hangzhou, in which Mr Lu was one of a number of property developers.A criminal verdict obtained by the inspector confirmed this suspicion.According to the criminal ruling of Zhejiang Provincial High People’s Court, Xu repeatedly accepted and demanded a total of more than 145.2 million yuan for relevant units and individuals to obtain land use rights, enjoy preferential tax policies, accept project equity, undertake construction projects, settle project payments, solve the employment of relatives and other matters to seek benefits.The cases involved 14 property developers, many of them industry leaders.From May 1999 to early 2008, Xu maiyong served as general manager of “Hangzhou Hong Kong Company” and secretary of the CPC Hangzhou Xihu District Committee.For Zhejiang Tongse Real Estate Development Co., LTD., Hangzhou Baoqun Industrial Group Co., LTD., in the transfer of Zhejiang Lifa Real Estate Industrial Co., LTD., Hangzhou Stomatological Hospital equity, change of land nature, the establishment of Hangzhou Stomatological Hospital West Lake branch and other matters to seek profits.At the beginning of 2002, Xu maiyong received 10% dry shares of lianfa company from lv Jianming, the person in charge of the company.At the end of 2005, Xu Maiyong received a dividend of 3 million yuan from Lv Jianming, and agreed with Lv Jianming to convert the above 10% of dry shares and earnings into earnings, a total of 20 million yuan, due to the “Joint development Company” project to the time of the incident was not finally settled, the remaining 17 million yuan has not been obtained.Combing found that lu Jianming was detained in the follow-up situation, Tongce medical did not issue relevant announcements, he himself seems to have deliberately maintained stealth.After several years of seclusion, Lu jianming emerged in the public eye as general manager of Tongce Medical until the end of 2014, and then became chairman again.However, in a public report in 2021, Lu Jianming once said, “Tongce why do real estate?Because I know real estate.Why did you do medicine?Because of the friends I met back then.You can’t fully design your life, but you can choose your friends, choose your platforms, and take advantage of external forces and resources.It’s not about who you are, it’s about what platform you’re on.”This goes like this: “All promising dharma is full of predestined causes and conditions.The “silence” after burning incense behind the space is not quite like Lu Jianming’s style.On the contrary, he seems to prefer the public platform for expression.On his verified sina and Tencent microblogs, Lu jianming has not been shy about talking openly about the company and has become known in recent years for his strong personality.In recent years, Tongce Medical has also received inquiries from the exchange.On September 14, 2020, Tongce Medical received a letter of inquiry from Shanghai Stock Exchange on Tongce Medical Co., LTD. ‘s acquisition of The Three-leaf children’s oral business and related Transactions operated by Hangzhou Haijun Technology Co., LTD. The Exchange required Tongce Medical to explain the necessity and rationality of the relevant acquisition.Inquiry letter also shows that tongce medical acquisition of the target company’s asset quality concerns.The problems of formal management are constantly raising doubts among investors.In the face of skepticism, Mr Lu has reacted with fury to investors like a fighter.In October 2021, Tongce Medical disclosed three quarterly reports. Although the operating revenue and net profit of the company still maintained growth, they were not as good as market expectations, and the stock price continued to fall by the limit.In the face of investors’ doubts, Lu Jianming personally went off the stage, “not our welcome shareholders, buying our shares is our shame”, “smelly mouth”, “take a toilet brush to dredging” and other series of comments were widely disputed.And before 2018, there were we-media articles questioning tongpolicy medical care is a “false white horse”, Lu Jianming published a long article to refute the doubts one by one.With the cancellation of Lu Jianming’s account, the war of abuse was declared over.In 14 years, the stock price of Tongce Medical rose from single digits to a peak of about 440 yuan per share in June 2021.As of Feb. 18, tongce closed at 158 yuan per share, with a total market value of just over 50 billion yuan.After losing the halo of its $100 billion market value, the challenges facing Tongze medical and its chief executives have not diminished.At the beginning of this year, the Executive meeting of The State Council decided to normalize and institutionalize the centralized procurement of drugs and high-value medical supplies, and gradually expand the coverage of high-value medical supplies acquisition.The market has also been interpreted as an important reason for tong Policy medical share price fall.Analysts believe that with the advance of intensive acquisition, the price of dental implants is bound to decline, which will also affect the profitability of private dental medical institutions.Share price fell endlessly, Lv Jianming also personally show confidence.On February 11, Tongce medical announced in the evening, up to now, the actual controller of the company, chairman Lu Jianming through the Shanghai Stock Exchange stock exchange system to increase the company’s shares a total of 42,800 shares, about 0.01% of the company’s total share capital.It is worth noting that before Lu Jianming increased his holdings, on January 12 and January 29, Tongce Medical issued a “notice on the pledge of part of the shares of the controlling shareholders”, Tongce medical shareholders, Hangzhou Baoqun Industrial Group has twice supplemented the pledge of the company’s shares.According to the announcement on January 29, after the supplementary pledge, baoqun Industrial pledged 44.98 million shares, accounting for 41.56% of tongce Medical shares held by Baoqun Industrial, accounting for 14.03% of the company’s total shares.The pledged shares of Baoqun Industrial account for 41.12% of the shares of the Company held by Baoqun Industrial and its persons acting in concert, and 14.03% of the total shares of the Company.Under the pressure of dental implant collection, additional pledge by controlling shareholders and performance decline, can tongce medical burn “red” like Lu Jianming burn incense and pray for good fortune?The author | arkin edit | | all beauty source agent (teccj6) END of finance and economics

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