Passenger car federation: in the fifth week of March, the overall narrow passenger car market retail 110,000 units down 5% year on year

Financial Union on April 7, data show that the fifth week of March, the overall narrow sense of passenger car market retail reached an average of 110,000 vehicles, down 5% year on year, relatively tenacious performance, compared with the fourth week in February this year sales growth of 51%.The average daily retail sales in March were 48,000, down 15% year-on-year, showing a low trend, and the actual pressure is greater.Although retail sales were still normal at the beginning of March, the epidemic and market changes from the middle of the month were more complicated than expected, and a new overall static pattern appeared in some major auto production bases, which was more than expected. Therefore, it was difficult to judge the total market volume of the whole month.Although the first four weeks of March decreased by 10% compared with the same period of February, the last week still had the end-of-quarter sprint of car delivery in consideration of dealers’ target sales pressure, and the first half of the month was more normal, so the retail sales in March need not be seriously pessimistic, and the final data may be slightly better.

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