Cristiano ronaldo’s best friend: Everyone says cristiano ronaldo will lead Manchester United to the title.But without a system, it doesn’t matter!

Rio Ferdinand, one of Cristiano Ronaldo’s best friends and one of Manchester United’s most famous stars, has said: “Everyone is saying that Cristiano ronaldo saved Manchester United.But without a system, it doesn’t matter!Despite being a close friend of cristiano Ronaldo and having been involved in the Manchester United campaign to recruit him from Manchester City, Ferdinand did not confirm that cristiano ronaldo was the club’s saviour. Instead, he quoted the public opinion that everyone said cristiano ronaldo could save united.Ferdinand said: “In the last couple of years, when we knew he was at his peak, everyone was saying he was the saviour of Manchester United and could take them to the championship.But united didn’t have an established system and it didn’t matter who they brought in.Ferdinand repeated the phrase several times, adding that football is not a game that can be won by one man.Ferdinand, a close friend of Cristiano Ronaldo, once again dismissed the notion that ronaldo’s fans like to boast about their idol: they are on their own.Ferdinand is a good friend of Cristiano ronaldo, but he disagrees with the idea of “doing it all on his own”.Nothing against Ronaldo, of course, but Ferdinand believes no player can lead a team to victory on his own.As for the lack of a system at United, Ferdinand believes the club have changed managers over the past few years.United have gone through six managers in the post-Ferguson era, jose mourinho, Louis van Gaal, David Moyes, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Michael Carrick and Michael Rangnick.Jose mourinho has won the premier League and the Champions League, Michael Carrick has managed only a few games, Rangnick is the current manager and Ole Gunnar solskjaer’s best finish was runner-up last season.In addition to interim managers such as Michael Carrick, who did not have the time or authority to ask the club to buy, the other four former United managers, plus Sir Alex Ferguson, all had their own players bought.With such a patchwork roster, it’s a bit incompatible for Rangnick to coach.Rangnick also wants his own players, but united’s management say this winter window is out.Another consequence of changing managers is that there is no system.”United have been changing tactics for the past few years and there is no continuity,” Ferdinand said.Ole Gunnar solskjaer was doing well and attacking well, but not this season.Without a tactical system, it would be useless for United to sign anyone [Ferdinand insists again].Look at Manchester City and Liverpool, they both have managers who have been in charge for a few years, have very mature tactics, and sign players only to see if they fit their system (is that a hint?Like Manchester United signing the wrong man this season?)

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