New information on jiangsu’s new policy of professional course classification

Since the announcement of the new policy at 10:06 am on June 28, 2019, the major courses, specific examination information and how to practice the major courses have been the most concerned questions for students of grade 19 who have transferred to this school.In view of the above problems, the examination Institute has not released official documents at present, the following professional categories of information is for reference only, the final information shall be subject to the notice of the examination Institute!Undergraduate admissions professional classification (partial) : (professional classification and subjects are for reference only, the final will be subject to testing issued) electronic information categories: electrical engineering and its automation, electronic information engineering, electronic science and technology, communications engineering, information engineering, electronic information science and technology, automation, automatic (nc) technology, building electrical and intelligent examination subjects:Finance: Economics, Economic Statistics, Finance, Financial Engineering, Insurance, Investment, Economics and Finance, International Economics and Trade, Accounting, Financial Management, Auditing subjects: Chinese + CET-4 + Professional courses;High number + 4 + specialized chemical biology classes: (a) may choose applied chemistry and applied chemistry (analysis), biological science, polymer materials and engineering, chemical engineering and technology, and pharmaceutical engineering, chemical engineering, pharmacy, textile engineering, science, food science and engineering, food quality and safety examination subjects: high number + 4 + professional class management class:Information Management and Information System, Engineering Management, Business Administration, Marketing, Human Resource Management, Cultural Industry Management, Sports Economy and Management, Public Service Management, Administration, Logistics Engineering, E-commerce, Hotel Management, Tourism Management Subjects: Chinese + Cet-4 + Specialized courses;Art: Musicology, Animation, Photography, Visual Communication Design, Environmental Design, Product Design, Digital Media DesignMechanical engineering, mechanical design manufacturing and automation, mechanical and electrical engineering, vehicle engineering, automobile service engineering, materials science and engineering subjects: high number + 4 + specialized computer class: computer science and technology, software engineering, network engineering, the Internet of things engineering, digital media technology, information security examination subjects: high number + 4 + major news media types:Journalism, radio and television, advertising, network and new media, radio and television playwright-director (television playwright-director) subjects: the language + 4 + professional class of civil: civil engineering, civil engineering (construction), building environment and energy application engineering subjects: high number + 4 + specialized foreign language classes: English (business), Japanese, Korean, English exam course:Resources and Environment: Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Geographic Information Science, Gemstone and Material TechnologyMedical Care: Medical Laboratory, Medical Impact, Rehabilitation and Therapy, Nursing, preventive Medicine Examination Subjects: Chinese + Cet-4 + Specialized courses;High number + 4 + professional class (a) may choose classes of law: law, () in the direction of intellectual property law, social work direction subjects: Chinese + 4 + professional class education classes: pre-school education (normal), primary school education (normal), social sports guidance and management, cooking and nutrition education, physical education subjects (normal) :Chinese + CET-4 + Specialized Courses Literature and History: Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese Language and Literature (Normal), Secretarial Science Test Subjects: Chinese + CET-4 + Specialized Courses Agriculture and Forestry: Urban and Rural Planning, Landscape Architecture, Landscape Architecture Test Subjects: Advanced Mathematics + CET-4 + Specialized Courses Food: Food Science and Engineering, Food Quality and Safety Test Subjects:High number + 4 + professional course (above is undergraduate course big category, which major enrollment includes, is not specialized subject;As for what major can register which big category, there is no policy issued temporarily, please wait patiently.The new policy will apply to three-year college freshmen in 2019 and beyond.Prerequisite: Candidates who apply for the national Computer Rank Examination (NCRE) must obtain a certificate of Level 1 or above and provide the transcript of The National College English or Japanese Test Band 4.(I) Subjects and scores: 150 points for College Chinese or advanced Mathematics, 120 points for English or Japanese, 230 points for professional comprehensive (including 150 points for professional basic theory and 80 points for operational skills), with a full score of 500 points.The specific requirements are as follows: (2) Examination form and scoring method: (1) College Chinese and advanced mathematics are provincial unified examination, and the results are counted into the total score according to the original score of written test.2. There is no provincial unified test in English or Japanese.The English score will be converted into x17% of the examinee’s highest score in CET-4;The Japanese language score will be converted to the highest score of Japanese language test 4 x120%.3. Professional comprehensive examination (professional basic theory + skills) in accordance with the requirements of professional categories of undergraduate admissions practices the province unified examination, theory and field are conducted in the form of a written test (except the categories: electronic information engineering professional basic theoretical knowledge for the written test and operation skills for on-site testing), the result to the original point included in the total score.Total score = Chinese/Advanced Math 150+ Highest Score of CET-4 ×17% (Japanese major candidates: highest score of CET-4 ×120%) + Professional Courses (Theory 150+ Practical 80)2. Registration rules have not been released: Plan 1: Cross-major registration is allowed, with few restrictions. Plan 2:3. In 2022, only electronic information major will be subject to written test theory + practical operation, while the other 16 major categories are pure theory exams, which will be gradually carried out after 2023 when the pilot is successful.

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