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The film “I Want to go to your world and love you”, directed by Yantai director Sun Lin, starring Zhou Still and Shi Baiyu, starring Qi Shenghan, Wei Yunxi and Bai Yufei, has earned more than 80 million yuan at the box office in just four days since its release on February 14, Valentine’s Day.For the sun Lin that guides for the first time, it is really not easy.Film tells the story of the assistant of architect in Beijing “ezsafe”, and as far afield as Germany tuner “high”, because of an accident connected to the brain, “forced binding”, the two sides of life chicken fly a dog to jump, the seemingly disturbing portfolio also release a lot of sweet signal, two people from repel each other, each other’s intervention, to be an integral part of each other’s life,The strokes of the hand, the melody of the finger tips all make this emotion exciting.”For me, being able to empathize with the other person is the ultimate romance in an intimate relationship, and that was one of the biggest motivations for me to make this film.”Sun Lin said in an interview with YMG, “I hope that through the fantasy setting, in the way of romantic comedy, ‘add sugar’ to life, make everyone’s life more sweet.”In recent years, the creation of romantic films has suffered from some kind of bottleneck, while “I Want to Go to your World and Love You” tries to improve the “viewability” of the film through “differentiation”.Sun said there are many topics that can be discussed in the category of love, but she is interested in whether people can understand each other in intimate relationships.It also stems from her own life experience.”My husband and I still very tacit understanding, have a meal, I was eating, don’t want to open my mouth to speak, just close your mouth muttering a ‘help me pour a glass of water, sounds is well well well, he really understood, however, bring me a glass of water, the moment I feel it is good to know each other a thing, so,All these inspirations in my life made me feel connected and I wanted to turn them into a story.”In fact, the male and female protagonists in the film are sun Lin’s own projection, “I was the heroine an Yi before 26 years old, after 26 years old is the male protagonist Gao.”She said, “after I graduated from university, the three class are involved in domestic very cow fashion magazine founded, others think I’m quite bright eyes, but in fact will face just like every young people who have just stepped into the society”, the plot of the film actress ezsafe was led to jilt face, is her personal experience, “I was in a store to the client for its film magazine,The client didn’t like it and they threw it all at me in front of everyone. I was crying my eyes out.”Her real gripe, of course, was that the dream had not come true.Therefore, Sun Lin resolutely quit his job and was admitted to the postgraduate program of Beijing Film Academy. However, after graduation, he did not have the opportunity to be a director and express himself, which became the lofty status of the leading actor in the film.The title of her first feature film as director is a bit long.But it was Sun’s insistence, and she particularly valued the “go” in the name.In her opinion, communication between people, especially in intimate relationships, is basically ineffective if they are always separated by screens.She wanted to emphasize that “rush” through the title.”Now there is something else that particularly puzzles me — young people don’t even want to be in love anymore!So I always emphasize our title “you want to go to your world of love” in the “to” word, rather than say good want to talk to you “to” a long distance relationship or a net to love, because you must meet, the slogan of our movie posters is we meet, this is my subconscious level most desired relationships, eventually true intimacy, communication is the depth of the soul.”After watching the film, the audience may be pleasantly surprised to find the shadow of Jackie Chan’s films.The reporter learned that Sun Lin has been working with Jackie Chan, in the film “The King of Kung Fu” “Gi” director group work, in the film “Jedi Escape” “Days of the Master” as the script development, scriptwriting and planning work, between the influence of hearing and seeing, has learned Jackie Chan film style nutrients.Have said that “the eldest brother of movie aesthetics, and storytelling techniques, has been deep into my marrow, and is one of the biggest influence my situation comedy, for each scene, all has the strict request situation how to participate in the narrative, every scene is definitely not casual, comedy fulcrum to use environment of space, props to complete,That’s what my big brother taught me.So, the love you want to go to your world although it is a love story, but also has a light comedy elements, the situation of narrative is also applicable, plus Jackie chan eldest brother “ssangyong would” is also a pair of twin brothers movies, induction to each other, this is also the film’s inspiration origin, exerts a subtle influence to me.””I think there are many ways to show love in movies and TV works,” she said.Sun said that only the “tragic ending” and “regretful ending” can make the audience feel the beauty and preciousness of love. “It is true that tragedy does have its own charm and power.”But from the point of view of the creators, the genre needs to be diversified to provide more choices for the audience.”So I wanted to use fantasy to bring happiness and sweetness to the screen, but at the same time have some realistic discussions, and that’s what this romantic comedy is trying to do.”Sun Lin thinks.Speaking of the future, she said that her next work is also a romantic film with a unique perspective, but she will not limit herself to the category of only shooting romantic films in the future. “I prefer the realistic expression of romanticism, and romantic films are just one direction of realism.I like works that speak to The Times, but are not pure realism. I don’t want to give up romantic lens narration even if I direct films that focus on social issues.”Sun Lin said that his ultimate ideal is to direct a song and dance film, and this dream, still need the maturity of the market soil.”I have been in the film industry for a long time, and I have come from one step at a time.As a dreamer coming out of Zhaoyuan, I hope to share my debut film with friends in my hometown, and I also hope that you can come to the cinema to support me.”Sun Lin finally said.Source: YMG all media reporter Liu Jin statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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