Chinese women’s soccer team Shui Qingxia gave a calm summary, the fans praise a!Coach Li Tie, learn from it

On February 14, Beijing time, the media updated the news of the 2022 Chinese women’s football team. According to the domestic media, The coach Shui Qingxia made a calm analysis of the current situation of the Chinese women’s football team, and won the recognition of many fans.Recently, Chinese women’s football coach Shui Qingxia gave an interview. In the interview, she talked about several points. First, after being 2-0 down in the final, she criticized Tang Jiali and Wang Shuang during the halftime, saying that they were a little hard to let go, and hoped that they would be brave.Second, there is a big gap between The Chinese women’s football team and the Japanese women’s football team. Compared with the Korean women’s football team and the Korean women’s football team, they still have physical advantages, such as dexterity and speed.Third, I hope that the players who have the ability to play in Europe quickly, and playing outside must be proud, because they are not only representing themselves, but also representing their country.Can be seen from the domestic media reports, ShuiQingXia coach for the Chinese women’s team is really fuck broken heart, not only should pay attention to the team performance, but also pay attention to the emotional player, although the media did not reveal more details, the wave of calm analysis, but ShuiQingXia coach, had a lot of fans, the former national coach li3 tie3 do need to study hard.Fans said, “to know the importance of driving force, is a good coach, hope ShuiQingXia coach don’t malicious to step down” to the Chinese football association, “Japan’s strength is good, not just the good control, and the movement is also very good, but never underestimate a champion heart Chinese women’s football”, “believe ShuiQingXia can bring qualitative change to the women’s,I look forward to a good performance in next year s World Cup.It can be seen that the fans for coach Shui Qingxia’s summary is very recognized, which is really worth learning from coach Li Tie.Those who are familiar with The Chinese football team know that during Li Tie’s coaching period, he often said, “If we play at home, we can get at least six points” and “Chinese football must rely on Chinese people.” If Li Tie could be as pragmatic as Coach Shui Qingxia, he would not be dismissed.

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