On the adjustment of xinyang direct health insurance agency hotline service announcement

Due to the recent business adjustment of various departments of xinyang Medical Insurance Center, in order to better serve the majority of insured units and insured people, the city medical insurance Center adjusted the original switchboard telephone number of hotline service 6369808 and added three phone numbers, the specific situation is as follows:I. The original switchboard telephone of the hotline has 5 extension telephones, and the adjusted switchboard has 8 extension telephones. The original telephone number 6369837 is suspended.2. The corresponding telephone services of part 8 are: Extension 6369931, which is responsible for the referral and transfer of municipal employees insured, trauma reports, and combating insurance fraud reports and complaints of medical insurance funds;No. 2 extension 6369826, responsible for municipal direct employees insurance registration and other services;No. 3 extension 6369822, responsible for the municipal direct employees in other places for filing;No. 4 extension 6369806, responsible for maternity insurance and other business of municipal direct employees;No. 5 extension 6369816, responsible for chronic diseases, serious diseases, large insurance and other services of municipal employees outpatient service;No. 6 extension 6369835, responsible for services for retired cadres of municipal direct employees;No.7 extension 6369807, responsible for fund settlement and other business of municipal direct employees;Extension 8 6369838, policy consultation and holiday duty.Please understand the inconvenience caused by the above adjustment!Xinyang Social Medical Insurance Center On April 6, 2022

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