Wuning County to build a high-quality green industry agglomeration area with first-class development quality and efficiency

In 2021, Wuning County will focus on the real economy, ecological industrialization and industrial ecology, and make a proud start and a wonderful start in building a high-quality green industrial agglomeration area with first-class development quality and efficiency.Audience friends, I now is in the Thai big health integration project site, as a big wuning county health industry leader of the company, in 2021 and guangzhou laiter cooperation established investment of 500 million yuan on the implementation of the project, mainly engaged in the monkey earrings antiphlogistic granules such as seven new varieties as well as Chinese traditional medicine plant hollow capsule production and operation, took a key step in technological transformation capacity.:In 2021, our new plant hollow capsule production line 4, the new domestic first-class automatic production line for Chinese medicine granules in article 2, processing more than 5000 tons medicinal herbs extract production lines have been put into production, monkey earrings antiphlogistic granules sales of 300 million yuan of above, the whole project reaches producing standard output after will exceed 1 billion yuan, tax 50 million yuan,Earned 20 million dollars in foreign exchange.Promote industrial agglomeration and foster industrial clusters.In 2021, Wuning County will thoroughly implement the cluster project “Full garden expansion”, and 24 new enterprises will be put into production in the industrial park, including 6 new enterprises in the green photoelectric industry, 2 new enterprises in the big health industry, and 3 new enterprises in the new energy and new materials and high-end equipment industry.The improvement of industrial quality and platform highlights the decision-making wisdom of the county party Committee and the county government of “strengthening the ecology of the county as an example, and fighting for the lead in the rise of green”.In order to erect the industrial backbone of high-quality development, Wuning County issued the “implementation of the three-year action plan of industrial Strong County” and other series of documents to cultivate excellent and strengthen, vigorously build the green photoelectric industry as the first industry, to big health industry, mining cycle industry, new energy and new materials and high-end equipment industry as the leading industry,”1+3+2″ ecological industrial system with smart home and digital economy as key industries.Implement the chain length system of the industrial chain, formulate the “1+3+2 Ecological industrial System Map”, implement one-to-one precise assistance to 108 enterprises in the county and 24 enterprises under the key plan, promote the leading industry to build a chain, extend the chain, complement the chain and strengthen the chain.The county included in the city’s major industrial projects concentrated starting projects of 25, with a total investment of 14.11 billion yuan, currently completed projects of 23, with a total investment of 9.64 billion yuan.We established a cultivation bank for industrial enterprises on the industrial standard, standardized and issued an industrial development fund of 100 million yuan, and added 12 enterprises on the industrial standard.While promoting the development of industrial green cluster, Wuning County has built a green industrial ecological circle with the whole tourism, continued to consolidate and improve the achievements of the national whole tourism demonstration area, and made every effort to create a national tourism resort.In 2021, cultural tourism projects such as Luoping Changshui Scenic spot and Wulingyan Shenwu Mountain Scenic spot will be upgraded, and cultural tourism projects such as Lancheng · Xihaitao Li Cultural Tourism Town will be steadily promoted. Scenic spots such as Luxi Cave glass water slide and Beiwan Love Love Valley will be open for operation and become new tourist attractions in Shanshui Wuning.Chaoyang Dam “dam bridge” project has been completed demolition, chaoyang Lake and the lake system will be connected, water tourism routes will be upgraded from “one-way tour” to “city tour”.By promoting the action of “creating A” and “capturing the brand”, Changshui Scenic Spot has successfully created A national 4A level scenic spot and added A new national 3A level scenic spot. The county’s A-level scenic spot ranks firmly in the forefront of the whole city.Through participating in “live up to the Spring Festival jia Tour Jiangxi” “New hundred years new hundred scenes”, Jiangxi “hundred counties hundred days” culture travel consumption season and other activities, Wuning beauty frequently boarded CCTV, detonated “circle of friends”.It successfully held the 2021 Poyang Lake Cycling Elite Race, Flower And Morning Festival, Bayberry Festival and other festival events, receiving 11.7652 million tourists, up 21.17% year on year.Tourism revenue reached 9.729 billion yuan, up 0.3% year on year.In the next step, adhering to the requirements of the fifteenth party Congress of the county, we will strongly promote the quality and upgrading of tourism in the whole region, deeply integrate culture and tourism, and expand and strengthen the brand of “Shanshui Wuning”.First, we will stimulate new drivers of development.Adhere to the recruitment of strong, and strive to sign a number of major cultural and tourism projects.We will speed up the development of the Changshui, Luxidong and Beiwan Peninsula projects to connect the dots and build a new pattern of interconnected development.The second is to shape the brand to show a new image.Pay close attention to the construction work of the famous tourist county with “Unique scenery in Jiangxi”, strive to create A national tourism resort, strengthen the construction of a-level scenic spots, design high-quality tourism routes, and enhance external visibility, reputation and influence by holding major events and festival activities.Third, write a new chapter of cultural and tourism integration.Through cultural and plastic travel, we will explore wuning cultural elements, introduce culture into scenic spots, campus and communities with intangible cultural heritage, promote the inheritance, innovation and development of traditional culture and opera, and create a new benchmark for cultural and tourism.(li ning)

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