The chance encounter when changing seats, let my little heart excited for a long time

On a business trip to Langfang, I took the high-speed train and set out from Xi ‘an North Railway Station at 9 o ‘clock on Saturday morning. So I set out from qujiang’s place at 7 o ‘clock in the morning and took the subway. I arrived at 8:30!When I got on the bus, there were not many people. My seat was near the window. As soon as I got on the bus, I leaned against the seat and looked out of the window.About the time we reached Sanmenxia, a girl came up, dragging a heavy suitcase, getting closer and closer, it seemed to be my row.Tall, shoulder length, short hair, a blue floral dress, wrapped in exquisite figure, “handsome boy, can you help me put the box?”Just let people break through!Naturally, in order to show the “manly temperament”, he was a coolie, after putting, he sat back to his original position, still side head looking out of the window of the scenery, but more is looking at the glass reflection of her every move and every move.”Handsome, can you change seats?I want to take some pictures of the scenery!”The girl asked softly.’Of course you can!Before I could finish my sentence, she got up and I could only get up a little and move out. She tripped over something under the seat and fell heavily on her side.”Good heavens!The heart is like a deer general collision, but also have their own slight reaction, like fleeing for their lives in general dare not move a bit.”Handsome boy, excuse me, are you all right?”One of the girl’s legs had passed, and the other white leg was still here.”Nothing, nothing.”I leaned forward in a panic and moved to the side of the hallway so I could sleep on the back in front of me.Although I always wanted to ask her wechat account, I thought it was a bit presumptuous, so I didn’t have the courage to ask her when I got off the bus in the afternoon.Miss is forever, never see her again since then!Meet like a dream, wake up like chagrin

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