Gaoling Zhaohui tower, wei Jing, Yangguanzhai site and other development of cultural name cards of the latest reply to

Q: Gaoling should seize the opportunity of national infrastructure construction, vigorously develop the clear and distinct Yangguanzhai ruins, Zhaohui pagoda, and the market bank to form the cultural name card of Gaoling and promote the development of tourism in Gaoling.Dear Bureau of Culture, Tourism and Sports of Gaoling District, first of all, thank you for your concern and support for the development of cultural and tourism industry in our district.The following is your concern about a few aspects of the reply as follows: one is “clear” scenic spot development.The planning and design have been completed in the early stage, but the tourism industry is a comprehensive industry, and affected by various conditions and the implementation of the happy community planning, the “clear-cut” has not been implemented for the time being.However, we will rely on the development opportunity of the greenway construction of “Three Rivers and one Mountain” to improve and perfect the infrastructure around the “distinct” scenic spots, so as to provide better tourism services and security for the general public and tourists.The second is the development of Yangguanzhai site.Yangguanzhai Site Protection Plan (2018-2035) was commissioned by Xi ‘an University of Architecture and Technology in October 2013 and approved by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage in March 2015.At present, the revision of Yangguanzhai Site Protection Plan 2021-2035 has been completed according to the opinions of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage, and is waiting for the provincial government to announce it.On this basis, in order to effectively do a good job in the protection and utilization of Yangguanzhai Site and effectively display and utilize the existing cultural relics resources of the site, it is planned to follow the ideas of site display and utilization in Yangguanzhai Site Protection Plan 2021-2035 after the publication of the Plan.Yangguanzhai Archaeological Site park is planned and constructed with the mode of “integrating park (site park) museum (museum)”.At present, the draft of “Yangguanzhai Archaeological Site Park Planning” has been completed, and is being further modified and improved according to the opinions and suggestions of the district government symposium.Third, zhaohui Tower development.In order to better publicize and inherit the rich historical and cultural heritage of Gaoling, gaoling District Museum, the first district-level comprehensive state-owned museum, was built in 2017 on the basis of the ancient architectural complex on the north side of Zhao-hui Pagoda (Zhao-hui Pagoda is located in gaoling District Museum).Gaoling District Museum, as an important position for gaoling District’s historical and cultural publicity, is free of charge for external development and was rated as a national 3A scenic spot in 2019.At the same time, in order to further strengthen the safety management of Zhaohui Tower cultural relics, based on the fire protection and security engineering of Gaoling Museum, the District Bureau of Culture, Tourism and Sports organized and implemented the security engineering of Zhaohui Tower in 2020. The lightning protection project of Zhaohui Tower was approved by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage in 2021, and the project plan is being prepared.In order to improve the environment and services of gaoling Site, Gaoling Sanyang Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd. was established. It is planned to transform and upgrade gaoling Site in the form of “government + enterprise + village collective”.And invited Xi ‘an Qujiang Zhizao Culture and Tourism Industry Co., Ltd. to carry out the overall operation planning of gaoling Chang Side agricultural Expo Park. At present, the planning scheme is being revised and improved.Our staff has briefed you about the above situation by phone. Thank you again for your attention and support to the development of cultural and tourism industry in our district.If you have any comments or suggestions on our work, please contact the District Bureau of Culture, Tourism and Sports at 029-86912043.

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