Red pepper fried milk cabbage, homely fried, light and delicious

Red pepper fried milk cabbage raw materials: milk cabbage, red pepper, oyster sauce, large oil, sugar, vinegar, salt, garlic.How to do it: Step 1, prepare minced garlic and red pepper sections.Step 2, a milk cabbage.Step 3: Appropriate amount of animal fat.Step 4. Add the meat oil to the pan and heat it up to 50%. Add the minced garlic and red pepper until fragrant.Step 5, then add milk cabbage.Step 6, stir fry, add appropriate amount of oyster sauce white sweet and sour salt seasoning.Step 7, fry until softened.Step 8: Turn off the heat.Step 9, homely stir-fry please taste.Step 10: The picture above of finished product.Step 11: Finished product.Works by Dong Xiaoyi from food World.Do you like this recipe?Welcome to like, comment and forward.Welcome to pay attention to food world, learn food, follow me!

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