Dongsheng School: security investigation escort school

Hand-held Huaihua news (reporter Li Pubing correspondent Xu Yi) February 20, in order to effectively do a good job in the spring school campus safety work, Huaihua Dongsheng school to carry out safety investigation and rectification action, strengthen safety management, eliminate security risks, to ensure that security defense measures in place.On the same day, under the leadership of vice principal Li Hua, the school safety inspection team of teaching buildings, sports grounds, electrical equipment, fire facilities, video surveillance and other key places, key links, key parts of a serious, meticulous inspection, do not leak a place, not leaving dead spots.For the investigation of security risks to quickly take decisive measures, clear person responsible for the rectification of the time limit in place, the school’s safety work to do fine and solid.The safety investigation major renovation activities, timely remediation of safety risks, for the orderly and efficient school to provide a guarantee, further strengthen the “safety first, life first” consciousness, to promote the school safety work standardization, institutionalized construction to a higher level.

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