Linqu No.2 Kindergarten: Physical examination escorts children’s growth

On March 15, the second kindergarten in the forest district combined with the maternal and child health care hospital of the forest district for the height, weight, vision, dental caries, blood routine and other aspects of the physical examination, a comprehensive understanding of the growth and development of children.The physical examination of every child’s physical condition has been examined and recorded in detail. The second kindergarten in the forest region will analyze the growth of children through data, reasonably adjust and match meals, and increase children’s nutrition.March is the month of eye care. Vision detection and eye health examination are key items in the physical examination. Kindergartens and parents of children can timely intervene and treat children with eye problems through this eye examination, so as to promote the good development of children’s visual function.Carrying out physical examination is not only conducive to parents timely understanding of children’s health status, early detection, early intervention and early treatment of children’s problems, but also enhances children’s awareness of health care and self-protection, providing a strong guarantee for their healthy growth.(Reporter: Chen Dongdong Correspondent: He Jing Review: Wu Guanyu Ma Liming Braid hair: Jiang Ning)

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