H9 preferential 5000

The rear of the Harvard H9 is simple and flat, with thick black trim panels and a hidden exhaust.The front bar shape is very sharp, full of sports atmosphere, and the fog lamp design on both sides is also quite ambitious.The design of front and rear bumper is more temperament, the most attractive is the round LED daytime running light in the middle of the headlight group, the overall shape is very delicate.The rear of the vehicle design is also more in the norm, is still the use of a more robust design style.The 2020 model, which hit the market recently, comes in nine versions, and the overall color palette looks even richer.The new front face lamp design, endows the vehicle with a more fashionable style, the atmosphere does not lose delicate.Inside, the new Harvard H9 is also a new design, with a new interior color scheme that makes the interior look more stylish.The interior and exterior are all black and silver, and the seats are wrapped in leather.And the interior of Hafu H9 still has very wonderful taste control, a lot of soft qualitative material is wrapped add wood grain to act the role ofing board, let its interior appear more outstanding than prado, this also is a bit that consumer likes quite.The wood grain material used in the console, with diamond stitches, looks very senior sense, which is the joint venture car and imported car can not be matched.In addition, the car is also equipped with a 7-inch LCD meter and a 9-inch center control multimedia screen, more comprehensive functions to meet the needs of the driver.The whole car is made of leather seats, which are tactile and comfortable to sit on.Most of the configuration differences between medium and large SUVs are basic configurations, especially for high-volume models.In addition, the car is also upgraded to a certain degree with interior atmosphere lights.In addition to L2 level automatic driving assistance such black technology, Haffer H9-2020 is also equipped with full speed ACC adaptive cruise, automatic emergency braking AEB, lane departure warning and other functions, to bring us a safer guarantee for travel.This car is equipped with six standard airbags, tire pressure monitoring and fatigue driving warning function, improve the driving safety factor.In fact, when we buy a car, not everyone will consider the strength and stiffness of the body, more passive safety configuration attracted, after all, no one wants to buy a car when we can save a lot of money.”It integrates more than ten safety auxiliary functions, such as ACC adaptive cruise at full speed, automatic emergency braking AEB, etc., so that when driving, the driver’s feeling of driving wave edge can be strangled in the cradle, and the car can be protected as far as possible under any circumstances.Of course, in the passive safety performance, Harvard H9-2020 is absolutely not underestimated.The electronically controlled differential lock on the rear axle allows for a wider range of torque output, which is actually more conducive to getting rid of real off-road conditions than traditional mechanical locks.It integrates more than ten auxiliary safety functions such as ACC adaptive cruise at full speed and AEB automatic emergency braking, which can realize the active safety protection in all road conditions, all time and all weather, and the passive safety configuration efficiency reaches the high level in the industry.In the end, the Harvard H9 clocked 55L/100km.Thanks to the new platform, the fuel economy of the new Haf H9 on the whole vehicle has been greatly improved, and the overall performance has also been improved.Today, the wider transmission ratio allows WLTC testers to achieve more economical fuel driving on ordinary roads, depending on road conditions.

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