Youyang multi-department joint fire safety network broadcast activities

Unitary Yang news network news (reporter Chen Qiang combines media center Correspondent lu Chen wen/chart) for the masses, and improve the fire safety consciousness, February 14th night, unitary financial media in fire rescue brigade joint county center, Gong Tan town government in Gong Tan town has carried out “reunion I protect you,” the “ring around the ancient yuanxiao” live online activities.During the live broadcast, the host successively went into guzhen Inn, Xiqin Guild hall and other places, and introduced how to do a good job in fire safety management of scenic spots and how to conduct fire prevention of cultural relics and ancient buildings by means of asking and answering each other, online guidance and internal and external live broadcasting.In addition, the host also on the micro fire station staffing, professional equipment and part of the correct use of fire equipment for detailed explanation.Editor: Zhao Shuting

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