Opening up a new realm of ice and snow tourism

Since Beijing won the bid for the Winter Olympic Games, we have witnessed an overall upgrade of ice and snow tourism.The rapid development of ice and snow tourism is moving the pulse of economic and social development, telling the story of the beautiful life of thousands of families, and depicting the beautiful scenery of China to the world.The Beijing Winter Olympics stimulated the consumer demand for ice and snow tourism, and “300 million people on ice and snow” has become a reality from a vision.The best proof is the number. Despite the impact of COVID-19, stimulated by the supply and demand of The Beijing Winter Olympics, the backflow of ice and snow outbound tourism, the upgrading of tourism consumption and the national layout of ice and snow facilities, the number of leisure ice and snow tourists in China from 2016 to 2017 reached 170 million.Increase to 254 million trips in the 2020-2021 snow and ice season, and it is expected that the number of leisure trips to snow and ice in China will reach 305 million trips in the 2021-2022 snow and ice season.The ice and snow tourism market has undergone structural adjustment. “small area, low consumption, high frequency, local living tourism, self-service service, and equal emphasis on ice and snow sightseeing and skiing leisure vacation” have become important characteristics and trends of the market structure adjustment.Booming industry, booming investment and new pattern have become the new characteristics of China’s ice and snow tourism supply — the chain development of ice and snow tourism industry, market expansion drives the industry to prosperity, and ice and snow enterprises from China to the world.The investment in ice and snow tourism is hot but more rational, and is changing from simple scale expansion to quality expansion.”China has achieved the goal of over 300 million people participating in ice and snow sports,” said Ioc President Thomas Bach. “This is an unprecedented achievement. It will be a major contribution to the Chinese people and the International Olympic Movement, and will usher in a new era of ice and snow sports worldwide.”Taking Beijing Winter Olympics as an opportunity, China’s ice and snow tourism should adhere to high-quality development and transform policy advantages into industrial driving force.We should focus on both domestic and international markets, continue to expand the scale of ice and snow tourism market, promote the supply-side reform of ice and snow tourism, and build a world-class industrial system of ice and snow tourism.Dig deeply the connotation of China’s ice and snow culture, enhance the attraction of ice and snow tourism products with culture, and show the unique charm of China’s ice and snow culture to tourists from all over the world.(Written by Wonjun, PhD, China Tourism Academy, Strategic Research Institute source: Economic Daily News)

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