Taizhou Ou Long Benz C class welcome to appreciate can test drive

There are existing Mercedes-benz C-class cars in the store, and the price starts from 325,200. For details, please go to the store for consultation.Model Price list 2022 Model C 200 L Sport 32.52—- Current Car Fully 2022 Model C 200 L Sport 32.52—- Current car Fully 2022 MODEL C 260 L Sport 35.12– Current car fully 2022 MODEL C 260 LSports edition 34.68—- Now car sufficient 2022 C 260 L sports hao night edition 36.92—- now car sufficient about “hui” Taizhou Dragon Mercedes Benz!Buy Mercedes Benz, to Taizhou Oulong Benz 4S shop!We are!There is a car, a good gift, waiting for you to come!# Taizhou Oulong Benz is hot under way!Taizhou ou Long Benz heavy courtesy, surprise, hot to attack ~ a number of Special Benz models limited supply, order more to send fine gifts.Enter the store gift: enter the store to send exquisite gifts!Car booking gift: exquisite luxury gift immediately after car purchase!Test drive: to the shop to participate in the test drive, you can participate in the lottery once at present the store provides free second-hand car evaluation, replacement purchase free transfer service!Interest rates are as low as 0.99%, down payments as low as 20%, and loans can last up to 48 months.Business Address: Sanyaqiao Village, Zeguo Town, Wenling City, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province (1-2 / F, Sanyaqiao Logistics Park

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