Tuyere said | netizen: having a ice mound mound!Yiwu: I dare not

Bing Dwen Dwen is so cute. I really want to take it home to meet mom!Bing Dwen Dwen, which has received little attention since its release two years ago, quickly sold out on the opening day of the Winter Olympics.And Feitian Moutai also can not be replaced by Linabelle, no matter you are queuing in the cold for seven hours or 24 hours to refresh the flagship store link, do not expect to buy bing Dwen dwen.As “manufacturing power” Of China, unexpectedly appeared “a pier difficult to seek” rare spectacle, is really unthinkable!In this case, Internet users turned their attention to Yiwu, which has the highest production capacity.Some netizens even said, “Now the pressure is on Yiwu” and “Yiwu, I will give you three days at most!”…The forehead…The all-powerful Yiwu is likely to disappoint, with harsh penalties for any unauthorized use of Olympic symbols or mascot images, except for factories and distributors licensed by the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee.That’s why we searched all the e-commerce platforms, but we couldn’t find any bing Dwen dwen products sold through unofficial channels, only similar panda pendants, and we didn’t dare to use the name Bing Dwen Dwen.Beijing Erguotou was fined 60,000 yuan just for releasing a commemorative wine for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.It is understood that the “ice pier pier” manufacturers have a total of three.No one can produce without authorization, so the real pressure is now on these three producers.There are said to be 900,000 “cloud overseers” watching the three manufacturers produce bingdun “online”.So, about bing Dun dun, Yiwu said, I dare not woo woo, eat or eat prison meal, I still clear.Copywriter/anchor Yang Yu shot/edited by Ren Kang

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