“Happy New Year!On New Year’s Day, a hangzhou man with a helmet walked into a police station, put down a paper bag and left

Qianjiang Evening News · Hour news reporter Yang Yifan Correspondent Jiang Lei Xu Leiyang February 1 (the first day of the first month) afternoon, Hangzhou Shangcheng District Public Security Sub-bureau Jianqiao police station, auxiliary police Zhou Lei is on duty in the reception hall.At about 17:20, a man wearing a helmet and mask, wearing a white and black down jacket, walked into the reception hall. Without saying much, he took out a paper bag from his right jacket pocket and handed it to Zhou Lei.Before Zhou Lei opened the paper bag, the man turned and hurried away.Zhou Lei quickly opened the paper package and found it was a bag of money.Zhou Lei reaction to chase out, the man has been riding on the electric car disappeared in the crowd.Feng Baohui and Zhou Lei, police officers from Jianqiao Police Station, opened the packet again and found the words “Happy New Year!Help me donate this money to the epidemic in Hangzhou.Thank you, “but did not leave any contact information.I counted ten one-hundred-yuan notes, altogether one thousand yuan.The policeman will donate the 1000 yuan to the Red Cross society of uptown.This is also the best New Year gift for Hangzhou!I am confident that with the all-out efforts of competent departments and the understanding and support of the public, we will surely win the final victory in the fight against the epidemic.Thank you to the handsome and caring “Helmet guy”.

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