Settle!Guangdong official announcement: effective from February

Recently, guangdong Provincial Health insurance Bureau officially issued a notice on further doing a good job in our province flexible employment personnel to participate in the basic medical insurance work, clear legal working age within the four types of flexible employment personnel can participate in the employment of employees in Guangdong province, is not subject to household registration restrictions.The policy will take effect on Feb 1, 2022 and remain valid for three years.The notice specifies that the following persons within the legal working age can participate in the employee medical insurance in the place of employment in the province, without any restrictions on household registration: 1) individual businesses without employees;The second is the non-full-time employees who have not participated in the employee medical insurance in the employing unit;Third, new forms of employment rely on e-commerce, online car booking, online food delivery, express logistics and other new business platforms to achieve employment, and have not established labor relations with the new business platform enterprises;Fourth, other flexible employment personnel stipulated by the state and Guangdong Province.How does insurance cost protect by individual pay ginseng?”Notice” clear, personnel of flexible obtain employment can attend a worker to be protected in household register place by oneself effective identity certificate, also can register proof to attend a worker to be protected in obtain employment ground by oneself effective identity certificate and guangdong province.Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents with flexible employment can participate in the insurance at their place of residence by their Residence permit, or participate in the insurance at their place of employment in Guangdong province by their employment registration certificate.The individual industrial and commercial door that does not have hired hand can by him effective identity certificate and business license of individual industrial and commercial door attends worker to protect oneself in registering register ground.How to pay?”Notice” clear, flexible employment personnel by the individual pay monthly employee health insurance fees, payment base and rate according to the implementation of municipal policies, and in accordance with guangdong province medical security treatment list related provisions gradually adjusted.Employee health insurance loosens residency restrictions what changes will this policy bring?Take Guangzhou as an example. Previously, employees with flexible employment were allowed to contribute to the employee medical insurance by themselves, but there were household registration restrictions on these employees, who needed to be local residents in Guangzhou and participate in the resident medical insurance.With the implementation of the “notice”, non-local household registration, individual industrial and commercial businesses struggling in Guangzhou, part-time staff, online car booking, take-out members, etc., can also do a local employee medical insurance in Guangzhou for themselves.It is understood that in 2003, the national policy, will be incorporated in the basic medical insurance coverage of flexible obtain employment, in recent years, along with the further deepening of economic system reform and the further development of the mobile Internet, relying on the Internet platform of employment network about distribution, network about car drivers, truck drivers, such as the Internet marketers new workers employment form number is increased,The medical security problem of this part of personnel is becoming increasingly prominent.To this end, in February 2020, the Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council on Deepening the Reform of the Medical Security System (Zhongfa (2020) No. 5) required “to adapt to the development of new forms of business and improve the way of insurance payment for people with flexible employment”.In July 2021, the Guiding Opinions on Safeguarding the Labor Security Rights and Interests of Workers in New Forms of Employment (Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security Of the People’s Republic of China (2021) No. 56) proposed that “policies related to basic endowment insurance and medical insurance should be improved, and local governments should lift the household registration restrictions on people with flexible employment participating in basic endowment insurance and basic medical insurance in their employment places”.In accordance with the above policies, Guangdong Province formulated the Notice.In fact, before that, even if they could not participate in the insurance at the place of employment, people with flexible employment could participate in the resident insurance at the place of residence.This, obtain employment ground opened the threshold that attends worker to protect oneself, household place also opened the threshold that attends worker to protect oneself, personnel of flexible obtain employment may want to face two choice questions: be to attend resident to protect oneself, still attend worker to protect oneself?In register place or obtain employment ground ginseng protect?This is about to make clear the distinction that worker protects health and resident protect health first.First of all, how much they pay is different.Employees pay for medical insurance once a month and residents pay for medical insurance once a year.The accumulative total comes down, the annual payment of employee medical insurance will be more.Secondly, enjoy treatment is different.Employees pay more for medical insurance and enjoy higher benefits than residents. For example, the reimbursement rate for medical insurance for employees is higher.Finally, worker medical insurance can enjoy emeritus exempt pay after pay sets fixed number of year.Resident medical insurance does not exist exemption treatment, every year must pay on time to be able to enjoy treatment.And ginseng choices, according to the domicile, employment in health policy and personal things to consider, because all the financing and treatment level of medical insurance fund is different, individual to pay the premiums have difference, the proportion of a doctor can submit an expense account when there are differences, also want to consider the factors of distance and the participants and assess their treatment, hospitalization, where it is more convenient to use health care.Source: Southern Metropolis Daily, Baosi editor: Si Weiqi

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