Anta GH3 “Start of Spring” color matching officially exposed!Start of Spring, the 24 solar terms of the Lunar calendar, is the design inspiration

As anta fans know, with the arrival of the Chinese Lunar New Year, hayward’s signature shoe anta GH3 has gone through a quiet period of color updates following the release of the “New Year” color scheme to welcome the Year of the Tiger.In fact, in addition to the existing has been released 7 colors, this double Anta GH3 actually has a number of colors have been exposed on the network, and several colors of the appearance level is quite good.Recently, have a super pink tender new match color to be able to expose on the network again, this is brand-new anta GH3 “start of spring” match color.The uppers of this pair of Anta GH3 “Start of Spring” color choose pink as the base color of the shoe, and extend from the toe of the shoe to the heel direction, this pink also presents a gradient effect.This kind of pink can be regarded as “peach pink” color. In March and the beginning of Spring, it is also the annual peach blossom, so Anta chooses a large area of peach pink as the basic color of the shoes, which is also the design theme of this pair of shoes as the color of the beginning of spring.It is worth mentioning that Anta is not simply using peach pink to highlight the theme of spring start color.In the upper part of the shoes, Anta also uses white lines to outline scenes of winding peach branches and blooming peach blossoms.From a personal aesthetic point of view, Anta’s attitude towards details has successfully highlighted the vitality and vitality of the beginning of Spring among the 24 solar terms.If you are familiar with the field of basketball shoes, you will know that pink design is actually one of the most difficult and popular color schemes for basketball shoes.And the promotion effect of pink on the appearance level of the shoes, in this pair of shoes heel part is particularly obvious.The red and white TPU module on the heel, combined with the peach branch pattern, becomes one of the highest level of appearance of the shoes.Anta GH3 “link ke joint name” match color in addition to the above mentioned spring match color, there are a few network has been exposed but has not released the new match color is actually quite worth mentioning.First of all, Anta and Domestic car brand Geely jointly launched anta GH3 “Lynk joint name” color matching, the upper part of the shoes with green as the basic color matching, supplemented by black embellish, so as to successfully outline the lynk 05+ classic color matching image, have to say that this design is quite interesting.The design of the ANTA GH3 Journey was inspired by Gordon Hayward’s Journey throughout his career.Anta color design, selected the representative colors of hayward’s teams, such as the Hornets’ purple, celtics’ green and Jazz’s black, and this pair of shoes color design also presents a gradient effect, the overall appearance level is quite good.In addition, there is a pair of new matching color anta GH3 is very worth mentioning, the official name of this matching color is still not clear, but anta through orange, blue, white and other color elements, this color is made like basketball shoes in animation, or very interesting.On the whole, in recent years, many domestic sports brands, including Anta, have clearly improved their ability to match the color design of basketball shoes.

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