Cainiao launched the Certificate of Species processing service for import merchants

It is not easy for Chinese consumers to import products such as caviar facial masks, Korean ginseng and ginkgo shampoo.It turns out that ginseng, wild soybean, Cordyceps sinensis, aloe vera and other ingredients in many international cosmetics and health products have the same name as endangered species, but are actually artificially bred and cultivated.In domestic customs clearance, these commodities can easily be mistaken for endangered wild species and face refunding and fines.According to the requirements of the Current Catalogue of Import and Export of Wildlife Species and Binban Zi (2015) No. 104, importers need to apply for species Certificate before they can import in compliance.Therefore, how to accurately interpret the convention and efficiently handle the “Species Certificate” has become an urgent need for import businesses.Recently, Cainiao officially launched the import customs service on behalf of the Species Certificate, providing consulting, counseling, data verification and other services for merchants.After the merchants submit the information to the cainiao, they can successfully “get the certificate” within one week on average, and the expedited work can be completed within 2-3 days.Cross-border goods with a Species Certificate can be cleared in seconds without customs inspection.After customs clearance, goods can be stored in cainiao bonded warehouse for preparation, packaging and “last mile” distribution, realizing a “one-stop” full-link logistics service for imported goods.At present, cainiao’s self-operated bonded warehouses all support the service of “Species Certificate”;At the same time, a special customs clearance channel has been opened for OTC drugs, drinks and other special categories.Through in-depth cooperation with the General Administration of Customs and local port supervision departments, Cainiao provides a variety of customs clearance services, including general trade, cross-border bonded, cross-border direct mail, customs clearance for personal goods, duty-free goods and even donation.Up to now, cainiao’s on-time customs clearance rate has reached 98.5%, covering more than 40 bonded warehouses at 11 ports across the country.”It only took six days to apply for a species certificate using Cainiao, and the cost was about half that of a typical agency.”Zhengguanzhuang is a hundred years Korean ginseng brand, its quality is recognized and trusted by the international.Ms. Lin, supply chain manager of Zhengguanzhuang, told reporters that Cainiao sent special personnel to connect with customers point-to-point, providing one-stop services including “species certificate” handling, customs clearance from port to warehouse, bonded warehouse storage and customs clearance and other services, professional and efficient services.It is reported that Cainiao has been equipped with “one-stop” import customs service capability and digital system. Together with cainiao’s international trunk network, domestic bonded warehouse network and overseas warehouse network, cainiao has formed four core capabilities of the international supply chain, serving more than 5,000 international brands and cross-border merchants from 100 countries.Disclaimer: This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address:

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