Redmi G Ruilongyou drama dropped 1000 yuan: RTX 3060 only 6999 yuan

January 30 news, Xiaomi notebook New Year special festival, Redmi G game 2021 Dragon edition, the highest discount of 1000 yuan, the original price of 7999 yuan, now only 6999 yuan.The Redmi G 2021 Dragon was released in September last year. It’s a very competitive version of the game, and it also supports light tracking. The official Redmi said that the game is “taking light tracking by storm.”The game is available in Intel and Rayon versions. The Intel version is equipped with the 11th generation Core I5-11260H processor, 16GB of ram, 512GB SSD, and RTX 3050 independent graphics card.The Rayon is powered by AN AMD R7-5800H processor, 16GB of RAM, 512GB of storage, and an RTX 3060 graphics card.On the screen, the Redmi G 2021 offers a 1080P screen, with a unique 16.1-inch screen that offers a larger display area and a more comfortable inner screen than the regular 15.6-inch game.In addition, the 1080P resolution is not a disadvantage due to the support for standalone direct connection, and the framerate can be run to full in any game.In addition, the latest Redmi G 2021 dragon edition supports MIUI+, which enables multi-screen collaboration between mobile phone and PC, including file transfer and desktop projection.

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