Su Yiming won the gold medal because of chengdu doctors!

China’s Su Yiming won the gold medal in the men’s snowboard platform final at the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 15.This is his second medal in the Olympic Games after the slopestyle silver, it is also the Chinese delegation of this Winter Olympics to create the history of the sixth gold medal!Dr. Zhang Qiang and Yasuhiro Sato, the Japanese head coach of Yiming Su in the competition. Yiming Su won the gold medal perfectly!Behind such achievements, there is a strong escort of chengdu doctors.Dr. Zhang Qiang, attending physician of Sichuan Orthopaedic Hospital, is a member of the Chinese delegation and the doctor of the Chinese snowboard Big jump and slopestyle team. He is fully responsible for the medical security work of Su Yiming.After the result of Su yiming’s competition came out, Dr. Zhang Qiang, who was in the field for security, was very excited. He rushed to the field at the first time and handed su yiming the five-star red flag, a symbol of glory, to congratulate him!It wasn’t all plain sailing for Su. Just before the start of the Winter Olympics, Su suffered a hip pain that affected his performance.And in the winter Olympic Games in the cloud of masters, each action is required to be extreme, not the slightest mistake.After evaluation and diagnosis, Dr. Zhang Qiang adopted the targeted Zheng’s injury techniques combined with stretching and physical therapy to improve the symptoms of hip joint and optimize the function of the hip muscle group. The effect was remarkable, which strongly guaranteed that Su Yiming participated painlessly in the final and competed at a high level, and finally created history with perfect performance.After winning the medal, Su yiming held Zhang Qiang’s hand and kept saying: “Thank you, thank you!”.Su’s Japanese coach Yasuhiro Sato also expressed his gratitude to Zhang Qiang: “Thank you, doctor, you did a good job!(Thank you, doctor, you did a great job!)In addition to Su Yiming, another athlete in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Rong Ge, who was guaranteed by Doctor Zhang Qiang, won the fifth place in the final of women’s snowboard platform of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games today, which is also the best result achieved by Chinese athletes in this event.Chengdu Daily · Jin Guan news reporter Yang Su picture provided by sichuan Orthopaedic Hospital editor Wang Ling proofread Tian Li

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