Where is spring?Spring is in the Chen Shuxiang Red Culture Garden

Rednet moment February 5 news (correspondent Chen Zhijun an Xin) “east weathering rain by the west wind, the earth Yang and heating health.”February 4, ushered in the beginning of spring in the year of the Tiger, Daoxian rainy days of the sky revealed a rare sun smiling face, spring people swarmed out, a lot of people chose the destination of Chen Shuxiang red cultural Park.In the cultural park, golden wooden showerrooms exude the unique primitive atmosphere of jiangnan residential buildings, dignified martyrs’ tombs tell the heroic epic of blood and fire, and tall pines, cypresses and clusters of bright flowers herald the arrival of spring.Tracing the footsteps of tourists, we can see that in the exhibition room of Chen Shuxiang’s life story, people turn their eyes to the pieces of exhibition board, the heroic battle of Xiangjiang River and Chen Shuxiang’s “heartbroken mingzhi” heroic deeds instantly printed in the heart;In front of the martyrs’ tomb and monument, groups of men, women and children formed a formation spontaneously bow to the martyrs salute, remembering the martyrs, remembering the bitter sweet;On the Fish-scale dam of bo River, people step over the stone piers in the clear water with cheerful feet, and then turn back to ask their family members or friends to snap a few photos for them, leaving beautiful pictures of their outing.According to incomplete statistics, more than 3000 people came to Chen Shuxiang Red Cultural Garden for sightseeing on the fourth day of the beginning of spring.Since its opening, Chen Shuxiang Red Culture Park has continuously improved the landscape quality of the park. It has built a miniature landscape belt of the Long March spirit trail that makes people like to travel through time and space, arranged lifelike series of cast copper sculptures of the Red Army, and built a network of red fish scale DAMS that make people forget to return…In July 2021, it was successfully established as a national 4A level tourist attraction. Now, Chen Shuxiang Red Cultural Park not only has the shining “red” to make people yearn for, but also has the “ancient color, green”, which has gradually become a good place for party construction, research and tourism in Daoxian county, Yongzhou, Hunan and even the whole country.In the brand New Year of 2022, let’s set out for spring and Chen Shuxiang Red Cultural Park.

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