Car 300: Can drive without license?It is 24m long, costs 39,700 yuan and takes only three hours to recharge

Click the headline number of car 300 in the upper right corner, reply to “valuation” in a private message, and automatically give you a precise valuation of your car to see how much it is still worth. Wuling Hongguang MINI EV directly edged out Tesla and won the first place in the sales list of new energy vehicles, becoming a sales myth of new energy vehicles.This cheap, small car has certainly changed the way many people think about buying cars.Since the sales volume of Hongguang MINI EV is so high, many auto companies are also ready to move and start to make efforts in the same type of models. Citroen AMI, priced less than 40,000 yuan, is one of them. From the perspective of pricing, it can be said that it directly points to Hongguang MINI EV.This car is positioned as a mini pure electric vehicle, mainly urban transport.14-inch wheels and a very short front and rear suspension design also create more room inside the car.Asymmetrical open-face doors and the high similarity between the front and rear of the car can even confuse people about which side is driving.Every corner of Citroen AMI’s appearance contains the unique French design language. The sleek lines make it more lovely, and every detail exudes a natural and adorable temperament. It is definitely a dazzling product in the traffic.In particular, the front and rear of the new car use symmetrical design, whether the upper LOGO LOGO or the circular lamp group under the rear bar, are before and after the design echoes, not only lovely, but also can greatly save the cost of mass production.With a body size of 2410/1390/1520 mm, the car is also very flexible and convenient to navigate around the city.In order to highlight the ami’s personalized style, the ami uses six color schemes to meet the needs of the individual.Unique design of the car continued into the car, outside the Citroen ami the car has been completely can’t find any rectangular polyline, rounded design were also more likely to please, but also with all kinds of objects inside the car, the siting of the beverage holder, card slot, phone support, voucher in place, etc., can show its great practicability.This Citroen AMI is a symbol of Citroen’s transformation and also the most representative model.As for its price, it costs about 39,700 yuan to transfer from the French market to the Chinese market, including tax subsidies.But in terms of power, the Citroen AMI has a 5.5kwh lithium-ion battery pack and a 6KW electric motor, with an official range of 70km and a top speed of 45km/h.Many people say that this car simply does not have any competitive advantage in the “old Toule”.It also has to be recharged every day, but because of its small battery capacity, it can be fully charged in three hours.Officials also say anyone over 14 in France and 15 in Germany can drive it without a license.This kind of “welfare” really seems to be no different from the “old toule” in China.Wuling Hongguang MINI EV is the same as ordinary passenger cars, with a new energy license plate, but also a driver’s license can be normal driving.If Citroen AMI enters the domestic market, it will not have any advantage with its current strength. However, if it can differentiate elderly mobility vehicles, improve its power level and comprehensive range according to the domestic market situation, and introduce convenient leasing methods, it may also have good sales.

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