South Railway Station community to carry out volunteer service training

In order to strengthen the study of volunteer service theory of community volunteers, improve the skills and methods of volunteer work, improve the overall quality of volunteers and the quality of volunteer service, establish and improve the management and team building system of volunteer work, south Railway Station community held a volunteer service training in the Party and mass Service center on February 18th.This training is mainly divided into four parts: warm-up game (interactive ice-breaking), what community volunteer service is, how to do community volunteer service, and question and answer.During the training, the volunteers listened to the teacher carefully, took notes frequently, and thought positively. They learned many working methods, which laid a foundation for the better development of the future work.Some senior volunteers shared their experience with the volunteers on site about the service they had participated in. The training was carried out in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.After the meeting, the volunteers said: “the training will learn a lot of volunteer service knowledge, benefit a lot, in the process of interaction also enhanced the relationship between the volunteers and communication, very happy.”Through this training, the healthy development of community volunteer service has been promoted, the service skills of community volunteers have been improved, the community volunteers have been helped to better improve themselves, the image of volunteers has been better established, and the follow-up establishment of a strong volunteer service team has been a good start and a good step.

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